Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No Tunnel Vision!

Happy New Year!

It has been the pattern on this blog recently that I have posted a few entries, I disappear awhile and then return to blog a bit and then disappear again.  It seems that practice needs a title since it happens so often, so I am calling it "Prairie Dog Blogging".  Some of you may be wondering "what is a prairie dog?".   Here is a short clip to show you this little critter. 

So there you go....cute little varmints!  There are many people who say I am cute too.  Do not let that cuteness fool you, though.  One would not want to cross a prairie dog nor me.   Predators would likely find both of us as surprisingly formidable foes, despite our size and cute appearances.  Also, remember that we both get a lot done underground! 

Speaking of predators, I realize that Planned Parenthood and their abortion ilk have been continuing their work.  Murder does not take a holiday.  There was an article recently about LeRoy Carhart where he injured two women in four day's time which sent them both to the hospital in ambulances. The question was posed whether he was getting too old to perform abortions.  That's a scary thought given he has been maiming women (killing two who we know about) for a very long time now.  Factoring in that he may be adding more to the incompetence and callousness with forgetfulness and slowing reflexes is pretty disconcerting.  If you could only imagine this same shoddy practice being applied to dentistry or any other area of medicine and this was YOUR doctor.....how would you like two previous clients being sent to the hospital....two in four days? 

I think about the pro-lifers who are understandably horrified by the conditions at abortion mills.  They sound the alarms and report, as well as photograph the disgusting practices and of course, the news stations yawn and ignore.  The majority of media are pro-abortion and want to hide anything and everything that would cast their pet agenda in a bad light.  The pro-lifers are horrified that human lives are disregarded and so easily tossed aside in trash heaps and incinerators.  Whether the bodies are stacked in a concentration camp or an abortion mill's freezer, what is the difference?  Whether the woman's intestines are punctured and pulled out or are subjects of Joseph Mengele's tortures....what is the difference?  Evil is evil. 

We are told ad nauseum by the pro-abortion crowd which are classified as the knowledgeable and the ignorant (I was in the latter class), we don't want women to have to resort to the "back-alley".  Why?  Because "we care about women".  We want only the BEST for women's "reproductive health".  Fifty-plus years later, the same lies are still regurgitated to the masses.  Women's "reproductive health" and the "care for women" is a cruise-line load of baloney.  We could rail all day why the pro-lifers are not doing enough to end abortion.  We could point the fingers all day at churches and pastors and blame them for staying silent or not doing enough.  Granted, they should not be silent but the real test of caring is the pro-abortion crowd.  

Seriously, if the pro-abort crowd truly cared about women and acted on it to the fullest letter of the law and to the spirit of their own claimed cause, all the abortion facilities would be completely shut down in just a matter of weeks.  If  pro-aborts who really truly cared about women (as they claim) would start checking out all the abortion facilities and go through them and their records/practices, they would be completely disgusted by the filthiness, the incompetence, the lack of oversight and accountability.  They would be aghast at the treatment of the women and the young girls who were being sexually abused, physically assaulted and trafficked.  They would want these doctors thrown in jail and the buildings razed.  If they could truly listen to all the women who were injured and traumatized by their abortions, they would make sure there was never another abortion ever to take place. 

Let us add a note about caring about women as far as the little (future) women in the womb.  The quintessential cases of bullying, child abuse and exploitation are from abortion.  EVEN if the baby in the womb is a boy, killing some woman's future spouse in the womb is not caring for the woman. 

But the pro-aborts do not really care.  It is all lip-service about "safe abortions".  It is all talk about "caring for women".   It is all a giant euphemism about "reproductive health".  Unfortunately, there is a huge group of people who are only interested in Miley's twerking and the next episode of "Dancing with the Stars".  No, these pro-aborts do not care about women AT ALL.  Like I said, if they really did, abortion would come to a halt. 

I would love to think that there could be a shift.  I do not expect the shift  to come from the hardcore industry participants that are making the thousands of dollars from their love of power and money.  Their consciences are seared and have been seared long ago.  No, maybe the workers who are seeing the writing on the wall from Gosnell's case are the hopefuls. Maybe the workers who are finally jumping ship after they see all the pro-lifers praying and counseling in front of the mills.  Maybe there are some who are watching the Planned Parenthood abortuaries shutting down.  Maybe some are finally paying attention to the conversations of pro-lifers on Facebook or are overhearing bits and pieces from pro-life neighbors/coworkers.    

The abortion docs website (below) reported that there are now 582 surgical abortion facilities in the U.S.  Obviously, that is 582 too many (and I did not report the pill mills or abortionists) and of course, they will do their best to either re-open or start new places).  It is a multi-prong approach to closing them down.  God will use pro-lifers to shut these places down but He will also use abortionists and their crowd as well.  God will use workers who are leaving, abortionists who are messing up and  getting caught (like Gosnell), and lack of funding.  God will use it all for His timing and His purpose.

I am not naive.  While abortion facilities do shut down and funding dries up for an occasional Planned Parenthood, we still have the abortionist Karpen twisting off babies' heads in Houston and we still have Carhart in Maryland (and Nebraska) protected by the uncaring abortion supporters.  We are in disbelief that something so evil can still be allowed to take place even after it has been exposed.  They shut down Gosnell immediately but Karpen and Carhart continue the very same practices that Gosnell did.  It is madness. 

As a Christian, I am aware that God's return is going to be the very destruction of abortion.   I know that their hours and days are numbered.  That is not reason enough to just wait for His return and do nothing.  We are still to resist evil and to do good.  We are not to grow weary of doing that good.  We continue to go out and share the Gospel, love our enemies, and defy Satan in any way God uses us to do so.  I am praying a lot of damage for the abortion industry for 2014.  I am praying for more abortion facilities to shut down and for abortionists to permanently retire (however God does that).  Whether the abortion industry implodes because of Jesus' return or even before then, let us continue to pray, share, love as He taught us to do.  Let us also fight the abortion industry by again, praying sharing and loving.  

Deuteronomy 30:15-16  “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil,  in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgments, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess."

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