Monday, November 18, 2013


Another abortion hotel



By the way, there is a report on this over at www.jillstanek.com but I do want to warn you about a graphic photo of a woman who died from an abortion that was posted.  The article is very informational but you should know about the accompanying graphics too. 

From Live Action:
In the Nov. 8, 2013 recording, a Live Action investigator schedules a 25-week abortion -- a "week-long procedure." When the investigator expresses shock at the abortion's cost -- $8,000 -- the facility's staffer sympathizes: "Are you still in your chair?" She follows up with a warning: "every week that goes by, the fee goes up by another thousand dollars[.]"

Live Action hopes to alert Americans -- who, polls consistently show, vehemently oppose late-term abortion -- to the abortion industry's "rabid and extremist" opposition to any and all industry regulations.

"This facility is only one of the worst examples of the abortion industry's complete disregard for basic human rights," Lila Rose, Live Action's president, explained. "Babies shot through the heart with poison, mothers left to deliver their dead children in an empty hotel room."

"If Cecile Richards thought Albuquerque was a winning issue," Rose continued, "she would be trying to make money on it. But Planned Parenthood's fundraising e-mails are silent on this. It takes a truly fringe mentality to advocate for more privileges for abortionists in the face of the blatant negligence and contempt for women on display in Albuquerque. And yet we have senators and congressmen in Washington, bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood, trying to mainstream this gruesome reality."

I am still trying to wrap my mind around hotel bosses' willingness to be accomplices to the murder of infants.  Abortionists' savagery does not surprise me.  I expect them to be cold-blooded, greedy and hard-hearted.  The irony is the HOSPITALITY  industry being a part of this.  On any given day they could host a pregnant guest and claim to care about her needs during her stay.  She is a proud, expectant mom who may go into labor early.  Would they not recognize the baby's impending arrival and call an ambalance to assist the delivering mom (say they could not move her immediately).

Then they have another pregnant woman who is there to abort her baby.  She could even be pregnant with the same age unborn baby as the other lady but instead, she may deliver her baby in the toilet. No problem says the hotel.  They promise the woman a discount and transportation to and from the airport and help abort that "little guest" she is carrying.  YET, not so fast....the instructions are different for the night shift.  Should labor progress in the night hours, she must obtain a taxi or other form of transportation to the hospital on her own while she is doubled over with pain.  So one future guest is welcomed into the world and another future guest is murdered.  THAT'S hospitality at the Plaza Inn.  What happens when the woman has a reaction of some kind, passes out and hemorrhages to death?  Do they call her on occasion to see if she is all right?  Do they monitor the rooms to prevent all different kinds of scenarios?

I am thankful to know about the Plaza Inn though.....so I know which hotels to avoid when I travel.  I am certainly sharing with all of my friends who travel through or are from New Mexico.  Maybe it is time to do more investigations and find out the full list of hotels that help their neighborhood abortion mills.  No abortion hotels for me or my family!

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  1. http://www.hotels.com/ho116018/plaza-inn-albuquerque-united-states/ Read some of the reviews there with this new information in mind.....