Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For All the World to See

Christina Dunigan has a vital blog for our time.  She thoroughly researches the numerous cases of deaths and botched operations that result due to abortion.  This blog details the callous and appalling actions of the abortion industry.   When I first started paying attention and searching for information on what abortion is and what abortionists do to the women and babies, this was the website I regularly frequented to find out more.   Since then, I have read Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher and have become familiar with different websites that report cases as they surface.  This website is highly recommended for those just beginning to search for facts. 
From The Real Choice Blog-Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?

I often think about our country so preoccupied and entertained.  We are millions of people waking up every day, drinking our hot beverages on the way to work, tuned in to our tv's, radios and texts.   We are planning the days, going through fast-food drive-in's, tending children, closing business deals or cleaning houses.  We peruse our newspapers, magazines, surf the net, kill channels on the remote and do our errands. We pay attention to the next big blockbuster, plan trips, and write out lists of various needs and wants.

These are the generalities but then we can go deeper than that.  We are loving our loved ones, fighting headaches and serious maladies, we are concerning ourselves about our children's welfare, caring for our spouses, worrying or praying about finances, grieving losses of friends or family and fighting thoughts of worry or feelings of grudge, fear, bitterness and relief about all kinds of problems. 

Why go to a website that details the ugly?  Why visit a website that harps on evil?  We don't know these people....the women, the babies, the abortionists and their workers.  We don't know these families who are attached to these people.  Why add to our already-busy days?  Especially why add this on a day where I am feeling joyful?  Why the bummer? 

It's very easy to tune out because I know that I do this very thing.  It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, nitty-gritty.  It's a feeling of relief to just zone out sometimes.  We hit the ground running with all the things that have to be done.  No one wants to add anything more. I have those days..."I just don't want to think about another thing.  My day is full, my brain is overloaded and I am feeling overwhelmed".

Switch to 1780's and '90's England.   What were days like for Thomas Clarkson, Hannah Moore, and  William Wilberforce?   Of the group, some had children, spouses, jobs and lists of activities throughout the day.  They had their worries, their joys and plans.  They were really no different than us.  They had their own fascinating distractions for their time.  They were abolitionists and they stayed focused.  Contemporaries of their time might have asked them the same thing....why make us look at the slave ship conditions?  Why harp on slave-ship captains and their crews?  Why concentrate on an issue that we just don't want to face?  Why look at the ugliness of people being mistreated or killed?   We just want to attend our next dance, game of bridge and take our families out to our cottage by the seaside!   We just don't want to think of this.  It's time to "zone out" (I would be interested to know the vernacular for that in Wilberforce's day).  They faced the same thing we do today...preoccupation and entertainment (and many churches who are Christian in name only but are actually social clubs).

There's rarely a good time to talk about such things.  We didn't really want to talk about it during the election.   Some people tried but it didn't take long before the commercial break came along and the next news segment focused on "Killing Big Bird" or "The Twinkies Disappearance".  We have a very fragmented and distracted nation.

There's really not a systematic opportune time to bring up subjects like these.  Maybe as the stories spring up that is the time to discuss them.  I have this blog as one more extension of the social media.  While I do share on the other networks and know of other pro-lifers who are up on the latest,  this news isn't getting out there.   In fact, if anything, most of what I read or hear on the regular news is a distortion of what is really taking place.  The events in Ireland of trying to force legal abortions are trying to paint a very ugly picture of pro-lifers when in fact, the lies have been propagated by the abortion crowd.   Keep watching this story;  it looks like the truth is slowly leaking out.  The last thing out was the admission that the woman who died never actually requested an abortion as originally reported.  Now THIS is what we can count on from the abortion industry....lies and whipping up a frenzy.  Isn't that Satan.....lies, diversion, smoke and mirrors (are you nodding?) 

Regardless of the tendencies to zone out, deny and trust in the worldly influences, Wilberforce's love for Jesus fueled him to abolish the slave trade and to continue to work on emancipation for all slaves until his death.   So should our love for Jesus fuel us with no less fervor to abolish abortion and the emancipation of not just the unborn but for all who don't have a voice or an ability to defend oneself.  My very painful confession is that I am not in the group that says, "I am too busy for television, movies, games.....I am going to go fight to abolish abortion.".  Yes, I fight but not with the tenacity of Wilberforce's.  There! It is out.  Pray for me.....the Lord IS working on me.  :)

Pray for Ireland (and the pro-life movement) to stand strong in this battle.  As the people stand firm there, God will honor their steadfastness!!! 1 Chonicles 28:6-8