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Rebecca Kiessling 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Rebecca Kiessling- SAVE THE 1

She lives in Michigan and the interview is at 10pm EST.   Check this out if you can. 

Fort Dodge, Iowa CLOSES Planned Parenthood

Lubbock, Texas closed their Planned Parenthood too.  I understand that even when these abortuaries (whether it is medical or surgical) close down, we still are battling the Enemy as they slink underground to find other dark ways and places to murder babies.  The Abortion Cartel will always find a way to ply their criminal craft. 

That said, it feels very good to write about those particular Planned Parenthood's shutting down.  I lived around the corner from one of them and it gives me great joy to know it is no longer contaminating my former neighborhood.
Planned Parenthood closings

We have a new training class for peer counseling at the cpc.   We have 20 students who are interested in volunteering.  Our first night usually involves introductions, an overview of who we are, and a quiz that assesses what the class already knows about abortion.  We usually have many handouts for them to read and one handout is a page of internet websites.  We share pro-life websites but we also share websites from the pro-abortion side too.  We encourage them to familiarize themselves with what the abortion side is doing.  The more education that the public gets and the more awareness they acquire about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, the more the tide turns.  It is like turning a cruise ship around.

One article I plan to share next week is this one:

Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops
The article states that the pregnancy rate drops for teens where Planned Parenthood facilities are shut down.  Planned Parenthood is extremely aggressive in targeting the young people.  They have their tentacles undulating in practically every area a youth would congregate.  No different from a pimp, really!  Planned Parenthood's products are killing babies and promoting the promiscuity that leads to the conception of babies to be killed.  It is Satan's business model.  Some of our class attendees already know this but now the rest of them have been alerted.  The ripple effect is wide when you think about 20 people who will share this information with family, friends, neighbors, church congregations and acquaintances.

Recently, I was ordering some pro-life publications.  I got into a conversation with the woman who was taking my order.  She shared that a pro-life group purchased thousands of their publications and inserted them into the newspapers in their towns over the course of a year.  This project helped topple several Planned Parenthood facilities.  Maybe there were other mitigating factors that also led to the demise of these mills but it sure did help.  She shared that there were other ways to get these publications to the public (I was helping with one way).

The abortion mill is a blight on the neighborhood.  It is very much like the restaurant that you tell all your friends to avoid.  Your knowledge of this restaurant is that the place is filthy, crawling with cockroaches, the staff is extremely rude, the workers in the back are incompetent and for some reason the health department will NOT shut it down....oh yeah, it is because of the corruption.  This greasepit they run will only do one thing .....harm the occupants.  You warn your loved ones and you warn many others to not darken the doorstep of that horrible place.

Eventually, enough word-of-mouth information will shut the place down despite the corruption!  This is going on with many Planned Parenthoods nationally.  There is not enough traffic to stay open in some locations.  We often see news reports of when a number of people have been sickened by a restaurant's filthy practices or a product in the stores is recalled.  Remember the big tomato scare years ago at Taco Bells?   If the news anchors announced every botched abortion in the nation, how long would it take to shut these places down due to a dried-up clientele base?

It will not happen due to the fact that the majority of "news" outlets are pro-abortion and would slant their stories to hoodwink the public that all these stories are proof of needing MORE abortion facilities.  They tried that with Gosnell!  And, even if you did have fair reporting,  I know people who are pretty happy with the warm temperatures of sand around their heads.

Maybe someday they will be receptive to truth.  It does take time.  I know from personal experience!

Reports like this link below opened my eyes.  I had NO idea back then about the evil things that took place.  It is truly a blindness!  Prayer is the cure for this blindness.  Pray for eyes to be opened!!!

Woman Hemorrhages from Medical Abortion

The next time someone tells you that overturning Roe vs. Wade will cause women to resort to "back-alley" abortionists, share this with them.

The next time someone tells you that they believe women should have "safe" abortions.....share facts from these cases.

The next time someone tells you that Planned Parenthood offers women help....share the names of the women who died at Planned Parenthood's "care".

The next time you hear that Planned Parenthood should be there for young people, point them to this website's direction (along with  Abortion Documents under the "Worst Offenders" or "Recently Closed Clnics"  sections).

We are now in the age of DIY journalism.  Let us tell the REST of the story!!!! 

Did You Know?

"Safe and Legal' Abortion Deaths

Ephesians 4:17-24
17 This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of[d] the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, 18 having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart; 19 who, being past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.
20 But you have not so learned Christ, 21 if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus: 22 that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, 23 and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, 24 and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Help Me, I am Up and I Can't Fall Down!

I REALLY should not have had all those M&M's.  Now I am wired!  No sleep for awhile.

Tonight was a good night at the crisis pregnancy center.  It is always a joy to get opportunities to hold or see a baby and help a mom pick out baby clothes.  Sometimes I get to join a mom in an ultrasound and see her baby on the screen.....that too, is also a joy the majority of the time.  The best part is when the Holy Spirit is present in the room and "stuff" happens.  What "stuff"?  I really cannot explain it in the human terms.  I could try but really, only God knows what truly transpires in those little rooms. 

This is hard to admit but even after 10 years of doing this I still get a feeling of apprehension on the day I go in to the cpc.  In the beginning year(s?), my stomach rumbled a few days leading up to the day of volunteering. The feelings ranged from fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, not being able to remember pertinent things to say ("Ohhhh.....I should have said this or that!), and then concern about meeting up with the hardest of hearts (what if I go blank and have NO answer?). 

Also in the early years, I was pretty green at sharing the Gospel.  It was not anything my former church really emphasized.  I was not raised to pray out loud nor pray for someone out loud!  I was "cured" of that one day when I failed to say one thing to one client about the Gospel and it was the fear of man rather than having the fear of God that took over.  All the way home, I felt convicted and apologized to God.  I felt terrible for days.  The lesson learned was that anyone I shared the Gospel with was not rejecting me, they were rejecting God.  While I hate to see anyone reject God, it is important to remember that I am to be obedient and share His good news.  It is the Great Commission.  They have the choice to listen or not or accept it or not.

These are growing moments.  Have I said the wrong thing? Have I done the wrong thing?  Yes.  I have made mistakes (WINCE) and I will probably bungle it again.  At times, I am just not eloquent at all; it is downright clunky in delivery.  The point is to be obedient even if I dread the idea of making mistakes or I get fearful.  Then it is just a time to dust off and keep moving on.  I pray to God before I meet with  each client.  The prayer is for me to just get out of His way, to just see my client the way He sees her and to just give me the words to share His message of eternal life. God is SO good! 

At the beginning of this blog, I shared that I felt fear at times.  As a young Christian, I had to learn that the spirit of fear does not come from God.  It still happens but now I recognize where it comes from and it helps me call on God for help. It is different now.  While I do lean on Him more now, things have shifted.  I do not have the same concerns now.  I do not fear about going blank.  Nor do I worry about forgetting things because my trust is that God will fill in the blank spots and make me recall to memory what needs to be said.  When the Holy Spirit is in control, you just recognize that there was a good reason why some things were said and others were not.  Grace. 

The term apprehension is more apt now because it is more wariness than abject fear.  The wariness is the recognition of my weakness that manifests in many different ways.  It is the recognition that I need a guard on my mouth, my thoughts and my heart.  It is the awareness that I sometimes seek glory and seek personal ambition. I may get filled with pride (dangerous territory). I now know that I must take every thought captive, especially on one particular stretch of road that leads to the crisis pregnancy center!  Why?  1 Peter 5:8-9 has warned me  to "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world."   
That roaring lion was after me one particular day.  On the way to the cpc, I was thinking about how tired I was and about the thousands of things I needed to do at home.  I loved being there....but why did it have to be THIS Thursday?  It morphed into thinking "well, you aren't that effective there anyway".  Not that I would turn around and go home because that just would not happen.  However, the thoughts were going down a very negative road.  As I sat at the stoplight waiting to turn down the street to the final destination, I was struck!  What?  Those thoughts are from the pit of Hell.  All those negative thoughts were from the Enemy!  Then I apologized to God and thought, "HOW could I have allowed those thoughts to sneak in like that?"   The best part of this is that the rest of that night was beautiful.  God healed a very downcast woman who had faced a lot of abuse.  That lie Satan told me at the stoplight was mixed with a little truth.  He said I wasn't effective.  That part was right.  I am not but with the Holy Spirit, I am.

That was not that long ago. Maybe it was two years ago. In addition to the negative thought or two,  that particular stretch of road has been used to get my temper and worry up through rude drivers and unexpected construction sites making me tardy.  Usually it is very subtle and I know Satan is studying me to try to devour me.  He has many devices and schemes.  I just have to keep my eyes on Jesus and stay steadfast in the faith.  That is where the fear leaves.  It is that trust and faith that He has my back and that He is going to use everything for His purpose.  I just want to serve Him with a cheeful heart and to divine His word rightly. 

We have a lot of difficult moments there at the cpc.  It is just hard to see the consequences of sin so
plainly displayed.  We see it passed down through the generations.  We see broken down relationships mostly stemming from sexual immorality.  The situations are often very big messes.  When the clients are hungering for truth and are receptive to the hope of Jesus Christ, we see miracles take place.  That is why is it so important to stamp out the fear and to be obedient in sharing the Gospel.  It is exciting to see a client essentially say "The abuse/bad behavior stops here and now".  They may say, "I am not falling for any more lies of the Devil."   It really does happen.  Transformation really does take place.  This transcends Olympic gold medal moments. No, I have never been awarded a gold medal (I am an armchair athlete) but James 5:3 tells us about what happens to gold and silver!

It is late and I do not finish these little blog entries all that smoothly. In fact, maybe I can just blame my meanderings on the late hour.  There is the temptation to just end it all abruptly.  You all are smart readers and you get the point by now.   Maybe some of you can relate to what I have shared tonight.   My Christian journey is like my pro-life journey, long and arduous!  I think I am soooooooo smart and then I am shown how duped I have been by the lies.  At this point in my life, I just shrug and try to have a sense of humor about it all.  Okay, folks, it is time for me to go to bed.  As my husband says, "stick a fork in me, I am DONE!"  or....I am history...I am in the archives! 

Okay!  One more thing.  Seriously......pray for all the crisis pregnancy centers! Pray for their volunteers, their clients, their buildings and their material resources.  Thank you!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chief Sinner

Celebrating 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

Obama's remarks on Roe vs. Wade"

“Today, as we reflect on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, we recommit ourselves to the decision’s guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health,” the president said.
“We reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman’s access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom,” he continued. “And we resolve to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children.  Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”
That last comment of his is a lie given that the word "everyone" leaves out the babies who are killed in the womb because of abortion (or they are killed in other ways if they survive the abortion).  Babies who are killed by way of abortion do not get the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.  As someone pointed out on social media earlier......a dream that entails killing a baby is a sick dream not worth fulfilling in the first place.  Mike S. Adams Adams' Bio posted today "Prior to 1973, America was a nation of people who made sacrifices so their children would have an easier life. In 1973, America became a nation of people who sacrificed their children in order to have an easier life."   I have heard this quote before but it bears repeating.  When it comes to abortion, Americans were sold a smelly, trash-filled swamp wrapped up as a package of  exclusive beachfront property.  I have loved ones who still are in the swamp thinking they are at the beach. 

Wait a second! There is another lie in that statement!   That word "choice"  he used is a lie when it comes to all the women who never (have never and will never) get any choice whether they live or get opportunities to fulfill THEIR dreams.  What about the women who are coerced into abortion by their parents, boyfriends or husbands?   The one thing I hear repeatedly from women who had abortions is "I felt I had no choice".  The word choice here should only apply to the choice of parenting or making an adoption plan. 

There is yet another lie wrapped up in his remarks. The lie about reducing unintended pregnancies.  Since he is in tight conglomeration with Planned Parenthood, who encourages promiscuity and discourages birth for millions of dollars, reduction of "unintended" (and sometimes even the intended!) pregnancies is just not going to happen. They target teens and teach them that no inhibitions should be held when it comes to sex. Recently, a band of parents actually stood up to the school system that was pushing the nasty trash Planned Parenthood made up for a sex-ed curriculum (I believe it might have been Tempe, Arizona).  It is the same message that Margaret Sanger gave when she started her "free love" and eugenics agenda back in the early 20th century.   There is nothing new under the sun! 

Of course, there are other lies wrapped up in his celebration of Roe vs. Wade screed. They are pretty clear ("safe and healthy communities for all our children?....ALL?  As in those 3,700 babies being slaughtered today by abortion?)   He recently told Planned Parenthood "God bless you" and it has to be addressed that he is not talking about the God of the Holy Bible.  I run across many people whose pattern is to make up a little god of their imaginations to justify all the sins that they pick and choose to accept or commit.  One of the quotes I found the other day was  this one "“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”  

I post this because I have been personally guilty of both.  For the longest time, I thought I was a Christian but I was not. I was not saved "born again".  I thought I was pro-life but I was not. I had believed in compromise in that area.  The time I became aware, I hit a crossroad.  It was hurtful to discover I was duped for most of my life by a lot of lies. It was hurtful to realize I was not a  "good" person but a sinner.  OUCH! The next decision was....do I keep embracing the lies?  Do I embrace my sincere ignorance?  Do I want to be a conscientious stupid person?  NO!  

Now my big challenge is to love those who still want to embrace their sincere ignorance and their conscientious stupidity! That is really hard for me.  I struggle on some days to muster that love and understanding.  I have to remember that I was a sinner while Jesus died for my sins on that cross.   After all, the same measure I used to judge and forgive others is the same measure used for me by my Lord.  I have a huge problem hearing about a person who celebrates the murders of millions of babies.  Roe vs. Wade is nothing to celebrate, nothing to reaffirm.  I have to pray for a person who does not know Jesus personally and is so lost.  I am commanded to love that person who said that a baby who survives abortion should not be extended basic life-saving care.  How can anyone be that cold?  That is heartbreaking!

I remember that I once loved my sin and was extremely blind.  There was a time of great cynicism and derision for me.  I felt great terror and anxiety and covered it up with sarcasm and denial.  Scales were on my eyes a foot thick and I had a wall around me 6 feet high and deep.  I was a good actress at times, and I stayed very busy with my Oprah, Rosie O' Donnell, Phil Donahue and a lot of Hollywood entertainment. That is just what it was....empty entertainment.  Satan tried very hard to keep me in his grasp, packaging everything up with humor and subtleties. I bowed to the "Mush God".  Compromise can be SO easy and then the slippery slope becomes a fast-moving avalanche!  

So I must pray for the guy who is slipping fast in the path of the avalanche, who has scales and a wall, in great denial and who bows to the little god of imaginations.  I am commanded to love a guy (and his family) who holds derision for babies, women, men, Christians, marriage and everything that God loves.  I take my sorrows and struggles to God to change ME, to help me love when I am operating in my flesh towards people like him who bow down to the "Mush God".   I am not perfect, only forgiven of my sins and liberated from enslavement.  Now the practical application is to see others through God's eyes, to love them and to share His good news of the Gospel.  For all who shared the Gospel to me, who were patient with me and who loved me in my most chief sinner state, THANK YOU! 

1 Timothy 1:14-16 "And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.  This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.  However, for this reason I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might show all longsuffering, as a pattern to those who are going to believe on Him for everlasting life.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Is It Safe? Is It Politic? Is it Popular?

It has been a long journey on the pro-life path.  I was first pro-"choice".  Then I veered over the the pro-life circle but I believed in exceptions (rape, incest, life of the mother).  Then I was pro-life only for life of the mother.  I say love and protect both now with no exceptions.. after all, the mother and baby are of equal value in God's eyes!  At each step, I have grown more aware of all the areas that the pro-life label encompasses. 

Now, there is still more journeying to go.  Many years ago, I had no idea there was a "Sanctity of Life Sunday".   Of course, the pro-abortion side celebrates a day where the execution of defenseless and voiceless human beings is allowed.  They celebrate Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton and the pack of lies that is at its foundation.  The pro-lifers have countered Satan's work with the unabashed and unashamed celebration of the beautiful creation of life.  That really is an every day celebration, isn't it?

Yet, we have one particular day set aside each year to focus on this message and there are Marches for Life, pro-life sermons and Sanctity of Life tables set up in many locations to make others aware of what this day's significance.  My own church had a table and it was also addressed from the pulpit.  Other pro-lifer people show their support in various ways and they sometimes come out of the woodwork.  I love that the fact that new visitors or people I do not know very well, go to the table and pick up brochures and look at the prenatal baby models.

They ask questions and share testimonies.  Sometimes they tell about a preemie who was born at 24 weeks and is now 6 years old and doing great.  Some of them share how they had a miscarriage and they point at the baby model of a certain gestational age.  Stories of a troubled, pregnant niece or cousin  bring tears of concern and requests for help.  Every year this day gives opportunities to educate and minister to a group that seems to hunger for answers and help.  We are here to encourage and edify. 

That aside, deep down it is a deeply sad day and I also resent that it even exists.  I have not "celebrated" many of these Sanctity of Life Sundays even though I have been pro-life for quite awhile now. That is because I am so new to this.  It is one thing to hold pro-life views, but it is another to act on it.  My pro-life beliefs have spanned about 16 to 18 years but only 10 years of that have been in actual ministry. 

Maybe others in the pro-life ministry has felt this sadness as well.  I hate that we even have to have this day in the first place.  Meaning that if abortion did not take over 3,700 babies' lives every day, this would not even register on any calendar.   That would be fine by me.

Should the day ever arrive that abortion is a mere mention in a few dusty, moth-eaten history books, then I would propose a replacement celebration.  It would still be Sanctity of Human Life Sunday but the day would be like a WWII V-E Day--vanquishing evil.  Not gonna' gloat though....wouldn't be prudent.  No, that is not true....I would be doing a huge victory dance and those of you who know me....I do NOT dance (that is a public service to all my fellow human beings out there).

This past weekend was a little too busy to blog about Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  Today is the day we observe the holiday recognizing Martin Luther King Jr..  He was pro-life and he said many things that coincides with the Sanctity of Life message, namely equality for all (it does not matter shade of skin, size, location, age and level of dependency).   This link is to the blog of MLK Jr's niece Dr. Alveda King.   Honoring Uncle MLK 

Over the years, on my pro-life journey, I came across these quotes (and there are many more I could share here):

“Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular- but one must take it simply because it is right.”

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."  

Sanctity of human life and equality go hand in hand.  Value ALL life....all lives are equally precious in God's eyes.  God does not make mistakes!   Ephesians 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

I believe that our REAL days of Sanctity of Life are Christmas and Easter!  Sadly,  I also recognize that our observance of Sanctity of Life in January is going to be around as long as abortion exists as it does presently.  It is highly improbable that we would have SOHL exist otherwise.  Until the last abortion mill is shuttered,  we need to........

Proverbs 24:11-12 
Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Who Is the Beholder?

It has been judged that I do not have a very good quality of life.  Because of this judgment, it has been judged that I should no longer exist. You read correctly.  It has been decided by other human beings that I should cease to breathe and that my body should be "dealt with".  No, I do not know how this will be done.  It is a very serious matter.

All very curious, is it not?  Are you asking questions?  What did I DO to warrant such a judgment?  Or maybe the question should be "what did I NOT do" to(deserve my existence coming to an end)?  Who are these individuals who have meted out this penalty for me?  Am I going to just simply accept this and succumb to it serenely?

Well, here is the situation.  I have an ingrown toenail.  It has rendered me completely and utterly useless.  Because of this ingrown toenail, I am unable to work and my body is now no longer perfect.  Up until that ingrown toenail, I was deemed perfect and useful.  I could do a lot of things. I was deemed a beautiful person.  I could work and help others.  The other humans look down on me now that my body is not like theirs and I cannot keep up with them.  I am no longer considered a beautiful person.   So I MUST  succumb to their desires now.  After all, I am a defective product.  I am no longer a resource.  Want to hear a dangerous thought though?  Psssst.  Do not mention this to anyone else!!!!   I heard that an ingrown toenail is NOT a permanent condition.  I KNOW.....right?  WILD!   AND.......I heard that it is treatable........SHHHHHHH.   It is most dangerous to suggest that maybe those other humans who want me dead could maybe reverse this decision.  After all, once I am gone, that is one less mouth to feed in this tiny, little world with very little food and very little water.  I would thwart this original plan to be one less problem of overpopulation.  Do you hear the planet gasping?

You have to understand that if I do not keep up my quota of work, I cannot justify my use of oxygen, space taken up or any resources used.  I MUST be able to prove myself worthy in other people's minds.  Oh, I know they are humans but do you not understand that that does not matter?  Who am I to add to this world?  This ingrown toenail is just proof enough that there was a huge mistake made in the cosmic scheme of things.  There must be an explanation and there must be perfection and here is another confession......in addition to the toenail catastrophe, (which, by the way is costing the federal government millions daily), I also have an unusual case of spasmodic movements.  They come and go when I swallow a lot of air or eat too fast.   They are called hiccups but I have been told that these things also take away from bodily perfection.  So you see, one by one, my body systems are failing rapidly and the sooner they get rid of me, the better.

I have been thinking long and hard about all this.  Ingrown toenails are very uncomfortable.  I do not like them but I still enjoy hearing my loved ones' voices.  For my glaring imperfection,  they still love me.  I still enjoy hearing music and seeing the light come into the window in the morning.  I still love my dog looking up at me with the expectant expression of receiving a treat.  I am thankful that for all the inconvenience of the ingrown toenail, I still enjoy the feel of the cat's fur as he brushes past my arm.  I will miss the taste of lemon bars, fresh blueberries and the smell of grapefruit and coffee.  I will miss my loved ones' jokes and goodnight kisses.

It is very tragic that it has come to this.  I really enjoyed life.  I was grateful for it.  I would love to stay longer but other humans have made the decision otherwise.   After all, they do know my suffering better than I do.  They are the experts at determining worth and value of my life.  I do have to look at this the way they do.....even IF the ingrown toenail were to be corrected.....what serious quality of life would I have?  That is just not up to me.  I have zero say.  What I think about my existence does not matter....my quality of life all depends on others......

JOB 38
Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said:
“Who is this who darkens counsel
By words without knowledge?
Now prepare yourself like a man;
I will question you, and you shall answer Me.
“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding.
Who determined its measurements?
Surely you know!
Or who stretched the line upon it?
To what were its foundations fastened?
Or who laid its cornerstone,
When the morning stars sang together,
And all the sons of God shouted for joy?
“Or who shut in the sea with doors,
When it burst forth and issued from the womb;
When I made the clouds its garment,
And thick darkness its swaddling band;
10 When I fixed My limit for it,
And set bars and doors;
11 When I said,
‘This far you may come, but no farther,
And here your proud waves must stop!’
12 “Have you commanded the morning since your days began,
And caused the dawn to know its place,
13 That it might take hold of the ends of the earth,
And the wicked be shaken out of it?
14 It takes on form like clay under a seal,
And stands out like a garment.
15 From the wicked their light is withheld,
And the upraised arm is broken.
16 “Have you entered the springs of the sea?
Or have you walked in search of the depths?
17 Have the gates of death been revealed to you?
Or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death?
18 Have you comprehended the breadth of the earth?
Tell Me, if you know all this.
19 “Where is the way to the dwelling of light?
And darkness, where is its place,
20 That you may take it to its territory,
That you may know the paths to its home?
21 Do you know it, because you were born then,
Or because the number of your days is great?
22 “Have you entered the treasury of snow,
Or have you seen the treasury of hail,
23 Which I have reserved for the time of trouble,
For the day of battle and war?
24 By what way is light diffused,
Or the east wind scattered over the earth?
25 “Who has divided a channel for the overflowing water,
Or a path for the thunderbolt,
26 To cause it to rain on a land where there is no one,
A wilderness in which there is no man;
27 To satisfy the desolate waste,
And cause to spring forth the growth of tender grass?
28 Has the rain a father?
Or who has begotten the drops of dew?
29 From whose womb comes the ice?
And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth?
30 The waters harden like stone,
And the surface of the deep is frozen.
31 “Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades,
Or loose the belt of Orion?
32 Can you bring out Mazzaroth[a] in its season?
Or can you guide the Great Bear with its cubs?
33 Do you know the ordinances of the heavens?
Can you set their dominion over the earth?
34 “Can you lift up your voice to the clouds,
That an abundance of water may cover you?
35 Can you send out lightnings, that they may go,
And say to you, ‘Here we are!’?
36 Who has put wisdom in the mind?[b]
Or who has given understanding to the heart?
37 Who can number the clouds by wisdom?
Or who can pour out the bottles of heaven,
38 When the dust hardens in clumps,
And the clods cling together?
39 “Can you hunt the prey for the lion,
Or satisfy the appetite of the young lions,
40 When they crouch in their dens,
Or lurk in their lairs to lie in wait?
41 Who provides food for the raven,
When its young ones cry to God,
And wander about for lack of food?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No Tunnel Vision!

Happy New Year!

It has been the pattern on this blog recently that I have posted a few entries, I disappear awhile and then return to blog a bit and then disappear again.  It seems that practice needs a title since it happens so often, so I am calling it "Prairie Dog Blogging".  Some of you may be wondering "what is a prairie dog?".   Here is a short clip to show you this little critter. 

So there you go....cute little varmints!  There are many people who say I am cute too.  Do not let that cuteness fool you, though.  One would not want to cross a prairie dog nor me.   Predators would likely find both of us as surprisingly formidable foes, despite our size and cute appearances.  Also, remember that we both get a lot done underground! 

Speaking of predators, I realize that Planned Parenthood and their abortion ilk have been continuing their work.  Murder does not take a holiday.  There was an article recently about LeRoy Carhart where he injured two women in four day's time which sent them both to the hospital in ambulances. The question was posed whether he was getting too old to perform abortions.  That's a scary thought given he has been maiming women (killing two who we know about) for a very long time now.  Factoring in that he may be adding more to the incompetence and callousness with forgetfulness and slowing reflexes is pretty disconcerting.  If you could only imagine this same shoddy practice being applied to dentistry or any other area of medicine and this was YOUR doctor.....how would you like two previous clients being sent to the hospital....two in four days? 

I think about the pro-lifers who are understandably horrified by the conditions at abortion mills.  They sound the alarms and report, as well as photograph the disgusting practices and of course, the news stations yawn and ignore.  The majority of media are pro-abortion and want to hide anything and everything that would cast their pet agenda in a bad light.  The pro-lifers are horrified that human lives are disregarded and so easily tossed aside in trash heaps and incinerators.  Whether the bodies are stacked in a concentration camp or an abortion mill's freezer, what is the difference?  Whether the woman's intestines are punctured and pulled out or are subjects of Joseph Mengele's tortures....what is the difference?  Evil is evil. 

We are told ad nauseum by the pro-abortion crowd which are classified as the knowledgeable and the ignorant (I was in the latter class), we don't want women to have to resort to the "back-alley".  Why?  Because "we care about women".  We want only the BEST for women's "reproductive health".  Fifty-plus years later, the same lies are still regurgitated to the masses.  Women's "reproductive health" and the "care for women" is a cruise-line load of baloney.  We could rail all day why the pro-lifers are not doing enough to end abortion.  We could point the fingers all day at churches and pastors and blame them for staying silent or not doing enough.  Granted, they should not be silent but the real test of caring is the pro-abortion crowd.  

Seriously, if the pro-abort crowd truly cared about women and acted on it to the fullest letter of the law and to the spirit of their own claimed cause, all the abortion facilities would be completely shut down in just a matter of weeks.  If  pro-aborts who really truly cared about women (as they claim) would start checking out all the abortion facilities and go through them and their records/practices, they would be completely disgusted by the filthiness, the incompetence, the lack of oversight and accountability.  They would be aghast at the treatment of the women and the young girls who were being sexually abused, physically assaulted and trafficked.  They would want these doctors thrown in jail and the buildings razed.  If they could truly listen to all the women who were injured and traumatized by their abortions, they would make sure there was never another abortion ever to take place. 

Let us add a note about caring about women as far as the little (future) women in the womb.  The quintessential cases of bullying, child abuse and exploitation are from abortion.  EVEN if the baby in the womb is a boy, killing some woman's future spouse in the womb is not caring for the woman. 

But the pro-aborts do not really care.  It is all lip-service about "safe abortions".  It is all talk about "caring for women".   It is all a giant euphemism about "reproductive health".  Unfortunately, there is a huge group of people who are only interested in Miley's twerking and the next episode of "Dancing with the Stars".  No, these pro-aborts do not care about women AT ALL.  Like I said, if they really did, abortion would come to a halt. 

I would love to think that there could be a shift.  I do not expect the shift  to come from the hardcore industry participants that are making the thousands of dollars from their love of power and money.  Their consciences are seared and have been seared long ago.  No, maybe the workers who are seeing the writing on the wall from Gosnell's case are the hopefuls. Maybe the workers who are finally jumping ship after they see all the pro-lifers praying and counseling in front of the mills.  Maybe there are some who are watching the Planned Parenthood abortuaries shutting down.  Maybe some are finally paying attention to the conversations of pro-lifers on Facebook or are overhearing bits and pieces from pro-life neighbors/coworkers.    

The abortion docs website (below) reported that there are now 582 surgical abortion facilities in the U.S.  Obviously, that is 582 too many (and I did not report the pill mills or abortionists) and of course, they will do their best to either re-open or start new places).  It is a multi-prong approach to closing them down.  God will use pro-lifers to shut these places down but He will also use abortionists and their crowd as well.  God will use workers who are leaving, abortionists who are messing up and  getting caught (like Gosnell), and lack of funding.  God will use it all for His timing and His purpose.

I am not naive.  While abortion facilities do shut down and funding dries up for an occasional Planned Parenthood, we still have the abortionist Karpen twisting off babies' heads in Houston and we still have Carhart in Maryland (and Nebraska) protected by the uncaring abortion supporters.  We are in disbelief that something so evil can still be allowed to take place even after it has been exposed.  They shut down Gosnell immediately but Karpen and Carhart continue the very same practices that Gosnell did.  It is madness. 

As a Christian, I am aware that God's return is going to be the very destruction of abortion.   I know that their hours and days are numbered.  That is not reason enough to just wait for His return and do nothing.  We are still to resist evil and to do good.  We are not to grow weary of doing that good.  We continue to go out and share the Gospel, love our enemies, and defy Satan in any way God uses us to do so.  I am praying a lot of damage for the abortion industry for 2014.  I am praying for more abortion facilities to shut down and for abortionists to permanently retire (however God does that).  Whether the abortion industry implodes because of Jesus' return or even before then, let us continue to pray, share, love as He taught us to do.  Let us also fight the abortion industry by again, praying sharing and loving.  

Deuteronomy 30:15-16  “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil,  in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgments, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess."