Friday, March 1, 2013

The Banana Republic of New Mexico (but also Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland)

New Mexico
Breaking News-New Mexico's notorious abortion mill lands 14th woman in hospital

Sundance film attendees call abortionists who kill babies and destroy women as "heroes".   A hero, to me, is anyone who risks life or limb whether to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and save lives spiritually or those who risk life or limb to save physical lives (miltary, police/firefighters).  

Justice will only prevail in God's courts.  I am certain this abortionist will get a pass.  We already know there's no accountability for maiming women.  After all, Sella ruptured the uterus of one woman who was pregnant at 35 weeks and got off scot-free.   Robinson will get a pass too.  How many women does it take to be maimed and killed?

The people will continue to applaud for this at Sundance.  God will not be mocked.


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