Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can't Take the Nestea Plunge in a Kiddy Pool Relationship

I know a lot of people in my life whom I absolutely love!  Some are people who are a bit more than acquaintances.  Our schedules and  geography prohibit spending more time together but every time I get to see them, time is sweet.  There are those closer still who I see more frequently. Oh yeah...the fellowship is SWEET.   Loved ones aren't always defined as who gets more "airtime".   Trust plays a great factor and we keep that in the human perspective, don't we Christians? In God, we can trust 100% and then there are humans!! 'Nuff said.  The rest are close loved ones (some related, some not) who I can trust implicitly.

I know a lot of people in my life who have had abortions.   Some have committed other sins too but this is a pro-life website so that's the focus here.  Some of these loved ones have taken their pasts with abortion to the Cross.  They have repented, they have asked for forgiveness and while they will experience the sadness of their consequences, they know they are forgiven.  They on a life-long path to healing in Him. 

Then there are those who are running away.  They are running while shaking their fists at God.  They fear anyone who is a Christian and holds a pro-life position.  They are fearful of rejection, facing their own sins and fearful of losing out on a life of "perceived" fun.  It leads to the shallowest of relationships.   You can talk about the weather, the latest movie, people and very surfacey things like travels as long as they don't involve anything that is "Christian" or "pro-life" (so any trips to Washington D.C. for a March for Life would obviously not be allowed to enter discussion).  

Abortion tears up relationships.   First, it destroys the relationship between God and those involved.  The exception I delineate is that if a girl is raped and is then forced to abort, it's clear that she is not rebelling against God.  She is a true victim.  That being said, abortion  tears up relationships.  When a female aborts, someone is lacking relationship with God.  Either she or her boyfriend don't believe in God in the first place or they don't have the relationship to know that God is all-powerful or the provider of all needs.  They don't know Him well enough to ask what He wants in this situation.  They got to the pregnant state because again, they didn't believe in God or they didn't know Him personally to follow His instruction on no premarital sex.  

Abortion tears up relationships.   Sometimes we see abortions taking place because it's the desire of the parents of the pregnant woman and her boyfriend.   They coerce, pressure, manipulate and suggest that abortion is the only desired outcome.  These family members have no relationship with God either.  They don't believe that He is all-powerful or a provider of all needs.  While pregnancy is temporary in itself, the consequences of this event is lifelong now.   Whether it's abortion, or adoption or parenting, everyone's lives are changed forever.   Abortion shuts down communication,  disenfranchises and destroys spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

So along comes the Christian.  Don't you know that that person is a total monster?   Who are they to suggest that the baby is real, the baby is not a choice, the baby is not a clump of cells and that baby deserves a right to live?   How dare they judge me or us?  They are SO judgmental!  They are SO holier-than-thou.  They think they are better and they are so hypocritical! They don't understand anything.  They hate!  They are monsters with a capital "M".   Get away from them.  Barely acknowledge them.  Hate them deep down. RUN.  If you are related to them, be as polite as society wants you to be but keep them at an arm's length.  So much the better if they live in another state and you can hide them on Facebook. 

Abortion tears up relationships.  Whether it's in the discussion of abortion at the time of the event or in the aftermath however many years down the line, it causes deep damage.  Surrounding an abortion is shame, fear, anxiety, rage, suspicion and grief to name a few detrimental effects.  These are not of the Lord.  These effects do not foster good relationships.  It is a huge waste of time and energy.  Instead, there should be love, honesty, understanding, courage (even in the face of fears) and trust.  There is no healing and growing without Jesus. 

There was a time that I was a total mess.  To some, I didn't look like a mess at all, but I was deep down.  Then came Jesus.  While I was sinning and cynical, He took on my sin and shame.  He liberated me.   As I was sinning and cynical, He said, "Someday, in My ways and in My timing, Kimmy, you will find Me."  He was right!  He rescued me from everything and the shame of it all.  He loved me so much to pay that penalty for me.  He said on the cross, "It is finished".   He is going to present me blameless to my Father in Heaven.  Wow.  I can live my days in perfect peace and with joy.  No fear as my chains are gone.  I am healed.   My closest relationships are those who have done the same.  They are His and they know Him. 

These are the relationships where there is trust, love, understanding, communication, honesty and comfort.  I am thankful to God for these in my life.  I still thank God for the others in my life but I have to pray even more for them.  There is no communication, no real relationship, no real trust or transparency.  There is fear and kid glove treatment.  We find in  1 John 4:17-19
Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world. 
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 
We love Him because He first loved us.

At times I do fear.   The fear of rejection can take place both ways.  And really, I have been rejected in a passive-aggressive way.  It's sad but until people come to a real relationship of Christ, there's nothing I can do about wanting them to love more, understand more, fear less and communicate better.   As Ken Ham recently said in one of his talks, "They are the walking dead and nothing but the Holy Spirit can wake them."  They are on a path of destruction.  Do I fear?   Yes, sometimes I have allowed Satan to take me there.  I don't stay there long because then it becomes apparent that Satan is working and it takes me down a place I don't want to go.  God delivers me.  I just have to ask Him.  He's ALWAYS there! :D 

This is what I want for all my loved ones who don't know Him...whether they are acquaintances or whether they they are closer than that.  I want perfect love for them.  I want them to stop fearing.  I want them to be able to shed anxiety, suspicion and grief.  Yes, it's what I want.  I pray for them to know Jesus personally and stop believing all the falsehoods of the world.  I want truth to replace the lies and of course, I want strong relationships.   I can want all day long but it's what I pray.   Sometimes I wonder if these loved ones will ultimately reject Him outright at the very end or whether a car crash or illness will take them before they accept Him.   With these thoughts, I just have to trust fervently (and pray fervently) that Jesus knows when, where and how this will take place.   I really love these loved ones.  There's nothing they can do to make me love them less but I have to remember that Jesus loves them more than I do. 

So yes, abortion tears up relationships but really, it's sin that tears up relationships.  That's the root.  Abortion is just the symptom of the root problem.  Is the Christian the monster?  Do they really hate?  Are they truly holier-than-thou?   Don't they have a past?  Do they really not understand the real issue?   Are they really so hateful?  Who's making the judgments? Could it be that they are sinners like you but the only difference is that they are forgiven and set free?  How would a person know if they really were monsters if there's no real communication or you are pushing away?  Fear  not.  Trust in Jesus and the truth will set you free. 

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