Monday, March 18, 2013


Video to be aired on Fox News tonight.  Sean Hannity will be sharing this video on the last 10 minutes of his show.   Please check it out if you can.  It may be posted on YouTube later. 
Grandma Attacked Outside of Planned Parenthood

I got an email today stating that there have been letters of complaint delivered to Maryland's Board of Physicians in regard to Carhart's continued business of abortion.  He lied on his license application, no inspections were done prior to licensure and now he continues to do business as usual when his license should be revoked. 

There is a preliminary investigation going on now but please be in prayer that this actually holds him accountable.  The abortion cartel IS powerful but not as powerful as our Lord!!!

HOW many women must die before people take notice?  We already know that, at the very least 3500  CAN die without anyone caring whether they die or not. 


Just think of the Planned Parenthoods that DO NOT have any pro-life witnesses outside.  How many women and babies are being maimed and killed every day?  

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