Friday, March 29, 2013



Twenty-six years ago today, our firstborn child arrived!  He had been hanging around for 9 months prior, mostly very unobtrusively.  Towards the end of his  "stay" in hidden quarters  though, he was doing a pretty good job of kicking and rolling around!  We were new parents and we thought we had the parenting thing down pretty good those first 9 months.  "Children are NOT ONLY meant to not be heard from, but also not to be seen!"   Then he showed up March 29th.  Okay....I AM kidding about that comment about not being seen or heard.  We LOVED seeing and hearing from him!  It was a spectacular day to finally meet the little baby who had attempted to stretch himself in his tight bunk. 
I won't go into the details leading up to his arrival but I will say it was a lengthy road to that point.  His father suffered no broken fingers from the umpteen-plus hours of labor.  I was so happy that labor and delivery was over I was pretty excited to walk from my delivery room to my new room.  No wheelchair for me!  The doctor said that I was doing so great (the rules were thus) that I could leave in 24 hours but the baby HAD to stay for 48 hours.  He was joking about me leaving in 24 hours.  Those were the rules but he knew I wouldn't leave the hospital without my son! 

I think we had a dusting of snow around this time and ever since then, we have celebrated his birthday mostly indoors unlike his sister's birthday celebrated in June. 

We are very proud of our son and he is growing in the Lord and maturing in God's time (I admit there are times I am impatient in this department).  He is embarking on a career that seems to suit him well.  He has always been a very social boy who from the time he could smile and interact with others; he has known no strangers.   He has been a demonstrative individual who doesn't mind giving a hug to his mom in front of his friends or even total strangers (and that was even through the teen years). He has a very good sense of humor and he zings us with lines that come out of nowhere.  Between him and his sister, we are kept in stitches.  By the way, as much as he has incessantly picked on his baby sister for almost 25 years, he is very protective of her.  She may not feel that way but he really is. 

As many parents experience with their children, we have had our difficult times as well.  While he has, overall, been a joy to enjoy and has been a blessing through all 26 years, we have had times where some days were not all that enjoyable.  What child hasn't been that and we only need to look at our own lives to know we brought some grief to our parents (except me, I was perfect.....Okay....you know I AM joking, right?). 

Well, I'll close with this....even though we have a small quiver compared to some families (and that was our lack of wisdom in listening to the world instead of God), we are SO grateful to God for loaning those babies (here on earth and in Heaven).   We are pleased with the son He gave us and while we were not walking with the Lord while raising him, we thank God for all He has done for us and in our son's life (and daughter's too).   Happy Birthday, My Firstborn! 

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