Monday, February 25, 2013


LeRoy Carhart's license needs to be revoked permanently and the facility needs to be shut down permanently. 
Please sign this and share this with others for them to sign as well.  Read more about this case in detail at this following link:
Stop the Killing

 He has zero regard for human life (except his own hide).
He has zero regard for animals (The Humane Society removed animals from his farm due to his total neglect of them)
He dumps the babies he aborts in the trash.
Very sensitive information about the women he performed abortions on was found in the trash instead of being properly shredded and disposed.  
Has had no regulation, oversight or accountability for his million+ dollar business of abortion.  The state of Maryland has given him free reign (just like the state of Pennsylvania gave free reign for millionaire Kermit Gosnell to commit heinous acts in filth and squalor). 

I KNOW the people who will sign this petition.   They have kind hearts, want accountability and do not want Jennifer Morbelli and Christin Gilbert's (and their babies') deaths to not be in vain.  They care about the community at large and see what a menace this abortionist is.   I KNOW those who love the "least of these" will sign. 


Non-pro-lifers consider this:  

You say you love your "privacy".  How do you love the idea of sensitive information being made public via trash dump (where we know dumpsters are gone through by those who just want stuff or those who seek identity theft)?

You say you love your earth.   How do you love the idea of this abortionist dumping illegally? He dumped little human beings, placental tissue and dangerous medical items to be found by anyone.   

You say you love places to have regulations.  You want your vet's office, nail salons and restaurants to abide  by the local sanitary and safety laws.  You want them to comply to keep you safe and to enjoy the cleanliness of their establishments.  How do you love that these abortions centers are not clean, not accountable and not at all safe for any person (no matter what size they are)? 

You say you love animals.  You cry at all the animal abuse commercials.  How do you feel that this abortionist had no regard for the animals and dogs on his farm that they actually had to be removed?  Carhart's business number for his horse show wares is the same as his business number for killing babies (and women).   How do you feel about animals being neglected?   

 Even if you are NOT pro-life, you should sign this petition to stop Carhart from dumping humans and medical waste, for the total disregard and neglect of animals,  and releasing personal information on women who come to his center.

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