Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is Angela Your Sister? Your Aunt? Your Cousin? Your Best Friend?

There is very little accountability in the abortion business.  The abortion history is replete with cases of one woman after another being maimed in one way or another.  Abortion always claims more than one victim and the baby is the most innocent and overlooked of all of them.  Abortion advocates are always about lip service when it comes to their defective product.  They have to lie to promote their industry! 

I am about to go to the crisis pregnancy center in a few minutes.  When I talk to women and girls about their babies, I do not have to resort to even one lie to tell them about abortion.  The only thing I share there is the truth. The truth of the Gospel, about God and about how each of their babies are unique individuals created in His image.

After reading this article above, I was thinking, just now, about Angela's family.  I think a lot about the families' of those girls and women (and their babies') who were murdered by abortionists.  Many or most of them probably have no idea what the last minutes of their loved ones' lives were like on that abortion table.  They probably assume the abortionists were competent and kind and it was just a strange occurrence never to be repeated with anyone else.   Shame surrounding abortion probably keeps them from the desire to investigate any suspicious behavior on the part of the abortion staff. 

I have to close now and leave for the crisis pregnancy center.   Please pray for us there! :)

Check out www.abortiondocs.org and click on the top bar that says recently closed clinics and also click on "worst offenders".  
I have one final point to make about these regulations for abortionists.  Even if every abortionist followed the so-called laws and regulations, it does not take away from the fact that is is still murder of a human being.  No clean and sanitized placed of business that follows all the laws excuses that an unborn baby is dismembered.   Again, I will say....the abortion advocates are all about lip service.  They honestly do not believe in the product they are selling........

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