Saturday, May 4, 2013

Serpentining and Synapsing

We have hope.  As Christians, we see the dark world around us and we are forced to interact with it.  We don't want to be of the world but we are in it.  This is what comes to mind with all the news and videos that have poured forth this past week.

It has been difficult news week.  Since last Sunday, the Live Action group has been revealing all the undercover videos showing the abortion facilities and their workers' worldviews.  It's ugly to hear such blatant coldness and cruelty laid out on the table.  There's never an opportune time to see it or share it.  I honestly hate it and I am not even IN the deeper trenches of this world.  I can understand the strident urgency of many sidewalk counselors as they share what they see and hear outside of abortion mills.  It does pay off when a mill closes due to the exposure it receives.  I am not in those trenches and all I do is convey the reports of others.  I don't mind, at this point, being a big mouth.  It all needs to out there.

I know people tune out but some people are JUST NOW tuning in to the Gosnell debacle.  They are just now discovering for the first time what has been going on underground for over 40 years.  Many are waking up from a stupor.  Many have been asleep.  They have zero idea that Gosnell has been operating the way he has and it's the prime time to tell them that Gosnell is not alone.  Gosnell-activity has been taking place in numerous neighborhoods all over the U.S.A.  No doubt, it's happening in other countries as well but we are pretty lax here in our country due to Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton.

In addition to the Lila Rose videos, the news of the big trial has progressed from closing arguments to jury deliberation.  So far, no verdict has taken place; we who are following the events of the trial, wait earnestly.  Fox News aired a special show on Gosnell last night.  It might be on YouTube but I haven't looked there yet.  It might be worth checking out if you are not a cable subscriber or you missed it.  It will be re-aired on Sunday.   It was pretty much a culmination of what has been taking place in the 30+ years of Gosnell's career.

Last night I sat down to watch the show.   I am no tough-minded person or hard-hearted soul.  The story horrified me from the very beginning.  The research that I took on personally over a decade ago has been a steady stream of horrific realization of the abortion industry's brutality and callousness.  This is the difficult part for me.  I am an extremely sensitive person and can cry at the drop of the hat.  Sometimes the shock is so deep that no tears come at all.  In my research I take all the information in and digest it.  Sometimes the shock is just that.  No tears are shed and I go on.  I pray as things hit me hard.  The fact never leaves that we live in a very evil world.  The sins of people know no boundaries.  Many people will relate when I share "Just when you think humankind can sink no lower, the new report on the television shows you differently".  So for 12 to 15 years, I saw the new low and then the new low and more new lows.

I think about people who are on the police force, in the medical world and the first responders.  They see so much and they go in to their work shifts and face it all again.  You know they have to prepare their hearts and steel themselves to keep doing their work.  It's not that they never get shocked or hurt but you know they have to compartmentalize sections of their work and personal life.  What a fuzzy line trying to not bring their work home to their families.  I have a deep respect for the amount of evil, pain and surprising information they encounter not just daily but for life-long careers.  Yes, there is reward in those fields and it is a calling.

So given that angle, I will say for all my sensitivity, my senses have been (not too simplistically, mind you)...dulled?  Hardened?  Desensitized?  Nonchalant? No, there is denial of that, for deep down that could never truly happen, right? I could  NOT be desensitized.  I feel too much.  Reading research of abortionists, their victims, the practices, the mentalities of the abortion-minded world, it's just too much.  It weighs heavily and Gosnell hits viscerally.  I don't know how many of you relate...but we want to be tough sometimes.  We say..."Hey, I can take anything.  I am no wimp.  Compartmentalize THIS in the file 'How the mind works and other scientific fascinations'. Study it in a sterile environment with a microscope.  Or maybe you can file it under "Famous Criminal Court Cases;".  We stand tall and shielded from the hurt and evil the world throws at us.  Nothing will knock US down, right? 

So I sat down to  Bret Baier's professional treatment of Gosnell.  The show  "See No Evil"  went into an amazing amount of detail, including the history of Gosnell's "super coil" experiment back in 1972, also known as The Mother's Day Massacre.  While much of the show was an elaborated report of the Grand Jury report and updated coverage of the trial, tears would not stop flowing.   The thought of Satan laughing and dancing at all of the grotesque events would not leave my mind.  Going into this show, I knew it would be difficult information but at the base of it,  I could stomach it because of the boatload of reading  ever since the story first broke.  The decade of ugly stuff on abortion had prepared me for Gosnell.  Yet, the tears would not stop.  Those women who were his victims live with their reality every day.  They have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual scars as a consequence.  For the most of us, the pain is only from reading about it.

After the show was over, my mind was racing.  I contacted Bret Baier with an email thanking him for addressing Gosnell's case in detail.  In addition,  I reiterated that Gosnell is no aberration.  He has a band of fellow abortionists just as heinous as Gosnell.   There was a tweetfest for Gosnell. Now it's time for a tweetfest for Carhart, Sella, Robinson, Brigham, Pendergraft, Hern, Haskell and Reginald Sharpe (in Michigan).  The case will be over soon and depending on the outcome, a new jury will be impaneled for the penalty phase.  Other than Fox and maybe the Drudge Report with a handful of pro-life websites, this case will disappear.  Kimberly Guilfoyle mentioned that Gosnell's case defies the "if it bleeds, it leads" news protocol.  The abortion world wants this case to go away and to cover up the rest. Then it will go away until the next Gosnell pops up. 

For pro-lifers, the new job is to beat the drum of Gosnell's ghoulish cohorts.  Every time Gosnell's name gets mentioned, we must let the inquirers know there are numerous Gosnell's.  We need to direct them to the websites that show this.  We need to be ready on our feet to direct them to root out the Gosnell's in their own neighborhoods......"they just have not been caught YET".  Local health authorities should be quaking in their shoes at the thought of their own Gosnell skeletons being revealed.  People need to start questioning their own politicians, "Is there a Gosnell in OUR city?"  See that big giant rock over there?  Pick it up and see what scurries to get out of the light!

Go to Abortion Docs or go to Real Choice to check out the different abortionists' histories. Sometimes I hear people ask, "Why bother?  Evil is around us and it's only going to get worse. We won't be making any headway in this. Abortions will always happen no matter what."   The encouraging news is that there used to be over 2,000 abortion mills back in 1991.   As of 2013, we are down to less than half that.

The stakeouts are working, the prayer vigils are working, the sidewalk counseling is working and so are the crisis pregnancy centers, the educational materials and the social networks and bloggers.   Those pro-life websites are growing and tweetfests can do some amazing things too.  It will be a heart change.  Envision this: bulldozed Planned Parenthood's because even with all the millions of dollars and president's speeches, they can't beg anyone to darken their doorstep.  Okay...that seems a stretch, I know, but the fact of the matter is that more places are closing permanently. I needed to add this which I forgot in the original posting:  we are the hands and feet of Christ.  I don't want anyone to think that any of these closings are the people's personal ambitions or accomplishments. They shouldn't be seeking glory or fame for these closings. We delight and rejoice but it is so important to give all glory to Him when these marvelous things take place.  His timing and His ways reign (the exciting thing I often think about is when the New Jerusalem is here and ALL abortions will be over forever so Planned Parenthood's days are definitely numbered).

I know we are ever close than before for Jesus' return.  Things will get uglier out there in that world.  We still need to interact with it and not run and hide in the hills.  We need to be reaching others with the Gospel.  We need to be letting people know that with these dark events with Gosnell, the Boston Bombing and the West, Texas catastrophe that we have a hope in Jesus Christ.  I had a sweet encounter the other day with a young lady who was hungry for the Good News.  I thank God for putting me in that divine appointment.  Some will reject Him but we need to keep sharing Jesus Christ no matter what. 

Luke 19:41-44
Now as He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it,  saying, For days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment around you, surround you and close you in on every side,  and level you, and your children within you, to the ground; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

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