Friday, May 3, 2013

INHUMAN: Video 3 from Live Action

This is the third video that was released.  This takes place in Arizona.  The doctor should have her medical license stripped for lying to the woman.  Of course, if a license isn't stripped for actually killing women in abortions (and Gosnell isn't even the one in mind on this), they sure won't do it for it for lying. 

The first part of this video takes place in the Florida House of Representatives with Representatives Jim Boyd-R and Daniel Davis-R  asking Planned Parenthood's lobbyist about what would happen to the baby who survived an abortion.  What happens to the baby who is independently breathing on his or her own?  

Did anyone back in the time of 1973, on that day that Roe vs Wade and Doe vs. Bolton was passed think they would see a time where babies would be considered prime targets to kill AFTER they were on the outside of the womb?  Would any of the justices that day ever could have imagined a baby being strangled, drowned, set aside to suffocate or even thrown in a bucket with his or her spinal cord snipped.  Is this their crowning moment of pride and victory?

Someone mentioned the other day that we need to call abortion a different name now.  Abortion is too sanitized.  It should be called Child Sacrifice.   I am ready to call it that now.  


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