Thursday, July 21, 2011

Was I Always Pro-Life?

Greetings, Fellow Pro-lifers!

Let me introduce myself for the ones who are new to my blog (and don't fall into the family, friends from the olden days and the ones-who-see-me-often camp).

I was born (another reason to be pro-life...I am grateful for that gift of life) in New Mexico, raised in Texas in a family of five.  Our family comprised of Dad, Mom, my younger sister and baby brother.  I have good memories of growing up in a family that did things together.  We enjoyed many visits to grandparents' houses and extended family.  They had great stories of their informative years and they liked to have good, clean fun.

Growing up in Texas was pleasant.  Like many other girls my age, I loved to read Nancy Drew and play with my dolls.  Electronics in my life consisted of a personal sony tape cassette (nifty), my record player, my black and white television set that had bunny ears, and a radio.  A CD was a certificate of Deposit.  I loved books and music which kept me very occupied.

I thought babies were cute, fun and a lot of work.  Newborns were a little scary for me when I babysat, but otherwise I didn't really give too much thought to the pro-life issues.   My wish was to have a family of my own someday but I can't even remember when I heard the word "abortion" for the first time.  Yet, somewhere along the way, I had picked up a slogan or two that was abortion-oriented.  "My Body, My Choice" was one attitude and "Overpopulation" was the other attitude.  One girl in 10th grade speech class addressed abortion from a pro-life view.  The only line I remember somewhat was the end- "Congratulations.  You just aborted Einstein."

One incident stands out in 1991.  On a major move from one state to another, I heard a radio show late-night in the car.  Randall Terry from Operation Rescue was being interviewed.   They were taking calls (no cellphones back then or I might have called), and I remember yelling at the radio (with my 4 year-old son sleeping in the back seat), some pro-abortion argument.  We had parked at the hotel and my husband (in the other car) saw me talking to "no one".  His face was "What are you doing?"   I later explained with disgust, that this guy on the radio just didn't know what he was talking about!!!   It is funny to me now because if there was anyone who was the most clueless, it was me at that moment of yelling at the radio show. 

Somewhere along the way, I did an about-face.  One would think that moment would be crystallized but that's not the case.  I remember one image that reinforced it (and I'll link that article in a future post), but I was already pro-life by then.  It could have been an image that changed my mind, which I think is most likely as pro-life books/articles just weren't in my surroundings back then.  Except for one friend who was pro-abortion, I really don't remember talking to anyone about it.  This was not a subject that came up.

I was living in Alabama at one point and remember a friend visiting from out-of-town.  The subject came up and my argument was staunchly pro-life at that point.  No exceptions.  The friend asked, "What if your daughter was raped?"  The answer was, "That would be a hard situation but I would not be for it even for that." 

Whatever the vehicle that got me to that point, the fact is, before I became pro-life, I just plain hadn't thought things through.  It's a common theme of the majority.  It's very easy to spout "A woman has a right to choose".  All these manufactured pro-abortion slogans are easy to spout unthinkingly.  When people really take the time to think things through and to really SEE what abortion is, there is an adjustment.  It may not be set or formulated fully, but there is a new outlook.

Now there is a new chapter.  It's not just holding views but now there is action.  One story comes to mind.  A man was walking down the street one night and he hears a struggle taking place in a nearby bush.  He isn't sure what to do and he hesitates out of fear of getting involved.  He then decides to take action and heads to the struggle yelling, "Stop that!".   The attacker takes off running.  The man calls out to the victim and says, "He's gone,  you are safe now."  He hears the young woman in a startled, weak voice......"Dad?"
Yes, he stopped the attempted rape of his daughter.   How close he was to not getting "involved".  Will you get involved?


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