Thursday, July 21, 2011

This blog is my blog! This blog is your blog. From California to Scotland's islands....

This post was going to be started tomorrow but it's very close to tomorrow so what's 10 minutes or so difference?

Those who are following and visiting are bearing very well with my clumsy and awkward attempts at blogging.  Kind of like what one expects from a newborn...head's a bit cone-shaped, eyes are in different directions, just kind of all herky-jerky and needing to be cleaned and bundled-up tight.  Goooooood....now you know that you have to help!  This lil' babe needs some assistance.   

As I was cogitating the direction of this blog, the number one thing that kept coming up was that it needed to be organized.  Not so much for me (although I need all the help that is offered) but for the regular attendees.  How will this blog be helpful?  How can it be set up to make things easy to find?   It's good to start off with basics--a primer (cue music from "Do, Re, Me").  It's not to talk down or treat anyone as a child but just to get everyone on the same sheet of music (Handel's Messiah).

For some, this page will be pretty boring stuff if you are involved already and are just here to give me morale (which I appreciate).  For you others, I need to hear from you!  If you are brand new to the pro-life movement or are just trying to not be overwhelmed by all the information out there, what will help?  This can go in so many directions.  Remember outlining your essays in school?  We had Roman numerals, letters, numbers and then all the subheadings below that. If you have been in the pro-life movement...how can we step it up a notch?

I thought about dedicating one month each to a subject.  September could be about LABORING.....okay, bad joke.   Sorry about that.....kind of.  I am still cogitating, but I DO need to hear what the new pro-lifer needs.  Early on, my experience was that I didn't know enough to defend my ground.   Yes, I was pro-life but why?  Where do I go for the facts and the science?   How can I share with others the right way?   Mistakes are going to happen and we try to do our best to not sound stupid, tongue-tied, uninformed or even angry, yet sometimes we do just that.  I guess for each individual, it will vary as to what subject is most important.  Let me know!

By the way, much of what I will share is information from people 1000 times more involved, smarter, dedicated and more experienced than I am.  There is just no reinventing the wheel.  They have been there and I am grateful for being able to draw from them.  My hope is just to funnel and direct all of it into an easy format.  If I ever start to sound puffed-up.....slap me (well, gently, and of course, figuratively).  I am open to rebuke and correction (I say that NOW).  ;)

Okay, the forum is opened....please jump in!!

1 Corinthians 10:31--"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God"

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