Monday, November 2, 2015

But Will They Shut It Down?

To be sure, if this were my sister, niece, friend, neighbor, I would be telling everyone about what happened.  

Squalor at North Carolina abortion facility

If you have already read this account, take a minute to think about this.  What if her mother had not taken her to the hospital?  What if she had tried to seek help from a neighbor and had fainted in her front yard?  You or I are traveling down the road and we see her pale and unconscious. We do not know her story.   We are not related to her or her family nor do we know her.  Do we stop?  Do we call help for her?  Is she our neighbor? 

She is going to have a very difficult road ahead of her now and I hope you will join me in praying for her as well as her family.  

I also hope that you will join me in praying for this abortionist and the staff at this abortion facility.  I pray that they accept Jesus and leave this wicked industry.  I pray that the state does the right thing and shut the doors permanently.  Even if the state does not do the right thing by shutting this house of horrors down, I pray that this does not happen to another woman because the word has spread all over the country that this is an extremely dangerous place for women (and especially for their babies!).

So even though this woman is not my sister, niece, friend or neighbor, I am still going to make sure everyone knows what happened!!!!!

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