Thursday, October 22, 2015

Will You Protect The Least Of These?

I KEEP trying to post!!!!!!!  Emitting heavy sigh.....

This post below was from last Saturday.  I had major computer issues.  My computer, as much as I love it, is a bit of a dinosaur.  I am NOT giving up on this blog, computer issues or other crazy events. 

This will be another short blog entry and I dare not say when I can post again.   Below are the article links about the abortionists who have all been charged with various criminal activities.  Will these charges stick?  Even if they do stick, will the abortionists be lightly reprimanded and given art therapy for 2 weeks only to be let go to maim and kill again?
 Here is the blog post from last Saturday:

Today we did our Race for Life.   I walked the 1 mile instead of running the 5K but maybe next year I will run it instead.  Our church youth group brought in the most funds for youth groups so it was fun to see our team so excited to be in "the winner's circle".  Of course, we all agree that the babies win and any time we get to share the Gospel with our clients that is a win as well.

I went home and pretty much just "crashed" on the couch for over an hour.  Fogginess ensued and while dinner helped, bedtime is still going to be welcomed in the next 45 minutes or so.

Last night, we went to go see the movie "Woodlawn".  There will be no movie review of it right now, but I do recommend it highly.  While typing this, there are all kinds of pop-ups and odd messages all over the screen and when I try to shut them down, everything goes nonresponsive.  This is going to be a short message tonight for that reason on top of needing sleep.

In my last post, I made reference to some articles about some abortionists free-lancing on the road.
There are three different cases: 

Michigan Abortionist Doing Housecalls?
This is the Michigan abortionist

 Pendergraft's Abortion Van
 Florida's abortionist traveling all over....

 Las Vegas Abortionist 

There are many more news reports but I will close on a happy note.  Over 500 babies' lives were rescued at numerous abortion facilities over the past 40 days due to the great prayer and sidewalk counseling efforts.  Those are only the reports we know about because many times there is a ripple effect or many more people may have been affected without telling anyone of their last minute changed minds.

Thank you for your prayers!!!!  Don't give up hope!!!  We have victory in Jesus!

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