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I Know Nuzzzzzink!!

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First of all, pray for me for I am getting old.  I just had a birthday recently and I accidentally posted a title Happy Birthday and then neglected to even post a blog.  Ahhhhh....that is what THAT was about, I hear my regular readers exclaim!  It is still on my "bucket list" to complete.  Just kidding.  I have no such bucket list.  Instead, there is a procrastination list 50 feet long.  Just kidding again.  There is nothing written, as such.....but it IS floating around in my mind.  The reality is that my memory bank is pretty low right now.  It is not in the negative numbers but if ginkgo biloba really does improve memory, then I need to order an industrial-sized drum of it  What can I say? The tent is falling apart.  Pray for me.

That aside, my birthday was very nice and I am very cherished, loved and blessed. I th ank God for my life!

Now, on to addressing more serious matters.  As ever, the ambulances continue to show up at various Planned Parenthood facilities and other abortionists' offices nationwide.  The Forty Days for Life group have noted that there are more than usual ambulance visits recorded than in past prayer vigil campaigns.   It would not be too surprising to see this as fact if we could have a blog devoted only to all the ambulance calls on a 365 day basis.  Logistically, one would have to have a 100% pro-life presence at all of the abortion facilities for not just the open operating hours, but possibly beyond that.  Kermit Gosnell and his wife often performed the third trimester abortions on Sundays or whenever the regular office staff went home.  Abortionists get away with so much because the pro-lifers cannot be there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Side note here:  The actor Nick Searcy is set to direct the movie about Kermit Gosnell.  More on that in a later post.

It was noted that Kermit's abortion facility was not inspected for 17 years and that hands-off policy was a result of Governor Tom Ridge's edict to leave all abortion facilities alone.  Ridge identifies himself as a Republican but I know quite a few people who identify themselves as Republican who are really pro-abortion with exceptions.  When Kermit was arrested, all the finger-pointing began as to which governmental group was to blame for his house of horrors.  To this day, it does not look like anyone was penalized or reprimanded in any way, and they escaped all accountability. 

And so it goes on today as it always has since January 22, 1973.  "I KNOW NUZZZZINK!!!", as  Colonel Klink would exclaim.   If any of my foreign visitors are not familiar with United States television shows,  visit YouTube for old episodes of Hogan's Heroes.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to  go to a leadership conference with the ladies of my church.  On the trip, I was asked about pro-life issues and we started talking about the horrific practices of abortion facilities.  One lady mentioned that she felt sheltered from all the information.  She admitted that she did not know about Planned Parenthood or about abortion deaths or so many issues attached to the sanctity of life.  She is not alone and I was once like her.  It was a charge for me to keep doing this.  I will post regardless of feedback but it is nice to be reminded that the information actually has an impact with some. 
THIS blog link here has had a profound influence on me and continues to be one even today. 
In the past 15 years that I have researched, I have had my eyes opened to learn that abortion facilities are often not inspected at all.  Even if they are, it is disturbing to realize that the authorities just turn heads away from ghastly abortion practices.  Lakisha Williams' death is one of numerous examples of the authorities not holding abortionists' accountable.  
Lakisha Williams

http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/despite-desperate-911-incident-peoria-abortion n-clinic-director-opposes-annual-inspections/

Here is another example from Operation Rescue:

"Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director is Timothy Scott Kress, who was convicted of six drug-related felonies in 1999 and was ordered to seek treatment for substance addiction and abuse involving codine, Soma, and Demerol. Kress admitted that he staged break-ins at a pharmacy where he was employed, and “diluted the pharmacy’s remaining stock of injectable Demerol, in an attempt to cover up his thefts.” His Ohio medical license was revoked in October, 1999, due to his criminal behavior, but was unfortunately reinstated on a conditional basis in 2000."

“The fact that Kress is in charge of all so-called ‘medical care’ at Planned Parenthood is certainly more cause for alarm,” said Newman. “This is another example of the abortion cartel hiring from the bottom of the barrel. Putting Kress in an abortion clinic where he has access to many of the same drugs to which he has been addicted makes about as much sense as hiring an alcoholic to pull the night shift a the liquor store.” http://www.operationrescue.org/…/911-cincinnati-planned-pa…/

Again, Kress, Gosnell, Pendergraft, Carhart, Sella and a slew of other dismemberment practitioners, are allowed to behave any way they please.  Mind you, the only reason Gosnell got any attention by the F.B.I. was that he was running an illegal prescription ring.  He was convicted for those charges as well as for killing the babies after they were breathing after the abortion.  He just happened to be caught.  Many babies survive the abortion but are then either set aside or suffocated in some way.  Baby Shanice Osbourne was one of those babies. 

Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander is another case just defies logic. 
 Robert Alexander

If you are tired of the different article links, just save the reading for later.  I highly encourage you to read them to get the full extent of the case, but suffice to say, it is the uttermost bottom-of-the-barrel treatment.  It cannot even be called medical care.  Please take time to read the links when you can. 

This article is the latest I could find on Alexander dated February of 2014.  Again, why is this abortionist even working at any medical building given his past?   With all the information we can obtain nowadays, why are employers not fully checking his background?   They probably can access more in-depth information than I can just doing a cursory search.  Yet, I would not hire this person to clean out the cages at an animal shelter.   He can not even make sure his abortion facility is clean, why would I expect him to be able to clean a dog cage?

I digress.

Yes, I hear you, Pro-lifers!  You are saying, "You have it ALL WRONG".   It seems that way but it is not so.  Hang on for a moment.  Why do we not legalize armed burglary, rape and pedophilia?  Would it not just make things safer for everyone to make sure that these practices were regulated properly?  Do we just need to inspect these issues to make sure that everything is being done to the letter?  Can you imagine all the euphemisms?  I think there are some started already since there are some people who are pushing for the pedophilia to be decriminalized.  I am not joking about that. 

Think about the JOBS CREATED as a result of needing so many inspectors and department heads.  "But these things are illegal!"   There was a time that killing a human being in the womb was illegal too.  I am really not making light of any of this as far as the euphemisms or the job creation of inspectors for armed burglary, rape or pedophilia. 

WHO would have thought in the typical American's mind (and I am not talking about the Moloch followers of Margaret Sanger's ilk) say, back in 1950, that we would have actual buildings dedicated to killing babies and promoting promiscuity?  Who would have thought that protecting a rapist would be commonplace in over 90% of Planned Parenthood facilities?  Who would have thought that a group of women would have dressed up like vaginas and would have passed out aborted fetus cookies?   I kid you not.   It is disgusting and unconscionable.  It is for the reprobate mind but we see abortion as an everyday occurrence now, and a very protected and lucrative business at that.  Will we see special buildings constructed for the business and practice of pedophilia in the future?  Again, it is disgusting and unconscionable to think of these things mainstreamed.

So you see, whether there are inspections or licenses for abortionists and their facilities, we are just going to continue down this road of zero unaccountability.  I pray to the Lord for more things to be revealed and for public awareness and pressure for these places to be shut down permanently.  Of course, there should just be a huge softening of the heart about the execution of babies (and not just babies...but the recognition of personhood for all).  There are some really awesome advocates who are tireless in their mission to expose these abortionists. 

Inspections/regulations and abortionists' licenses (and the lack of accountability thereof) are not going away.  Just opinion here but I think if we really did hold each abortionist truly and fully accountable for present and past actions, there would not be one facility open.  I do believe that the neighborhood abortuaries are open by license of silent and apathetic Christians and their church congregations.  God will not be mocked and while I recognize we live in a dark and fallen world, that does not mean we throw up our hands and give up on trying to shut down abortion facilities.  Will we shut them all facilities down and turn all hearts and minds for life?   Let us be obedient to God and trust HIM with the results like we do when we share the Great Commission.  Even if all abortion places were shut down by competent inspectors, we still need Personhood in place to prevent any new abortionists and facilities from operating again. 

One little extra bit here that I also want to address.  I picked on the Christians just now for looking the other way and ignoring their neighbors.  I pray it spurs someone to action even if it is just opening one's mouth as a start.  Now, I pick on the people who say they care about women's health  I am not talking about the militant abortion activist because they want abortion no matter what and nothing I say probably will sink into their skulls.   Some of these activists may make 6 figure incomes, but all of them have their hearts and consciences seared diamond-hard.  They are chained, enslaved and walking dead in their sins.

There is a group out there who call themselves "pro-choice" and they seem to be genuinely caring about other women.  These are the ones who honestly do not have any clue about what goes on in abortion facilities but they say they want abortion to be "safe".  They may have been fed the "coat hanger story" and like to share these anecdotes.  They are the ones who will tell you, "If abortion becomes illegal, then women will die in abortion clinics in the back-alley".  They do not know that "safe abortion" is akin to "safe lynching" or "safe rape" because they are of a mindset brought about by years of systematic lies fed to them (ha...like me 25 years ago).  If one were to be able to have an opportunity to sit down over a cup of coffee or tea with them and start asking questions about what abortion is and the reality of the industry, these people could be such powerful mouthpieces.

Do they really care about women's health and safety when it comes to unplanned pregnancies?  You will know right away if they  genuinely care for others or if it is just "lip service".  If they are open to hearing about the truth, open reading about abortion facility horrors and they are actually horrified, they are being intellectually honest and have a honest love for others.  If you ever are able to have one of these conversations, encourage her to take action.  I pray she will be convicted to action.  I say "she" mostly because it is usually women who claim to care about women's health and rights (not saying men do not care.  I just do not come across this as much with men advocating for decent women's care).  If women truly believe this then they cannot be quiet about the gruesome and degrading acts against women in abortion mills. Nor can they be quiet about the destruction of future women in the womb.   Could abortion facilities be brought down by this group alone?  How big is this faction? How big is the "Lip Service Feminist" faction?

Anyway, moving right along.....

Dr. Noreen Johnson, a former abortionist who became a Christian and a pro-life warrior, once encouraged, "God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God."  Let us not become Colonel Klinks.  We can blame shift and look at those inspectors who ignore abortion deaths with derision but what are we doing?

Proverbs 24:10-12  If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.  Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it?  And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?



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