Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Side Effect: Death

"Not Breathing At All"

This link from Operation Rescue reports that a 22 year-old woman died at an abortion facility in Ohio.  Hopefully, more facts of the story will follow in the future.  This all took place just days ago on March 21st.  Of course, I start to think about the whole scenario and about the aftermath with her loved ones.  Did her family know?  Did anyone pressure her or even try to talk her out of it?  Was she told it was "safe" and would be "no big deal"?  Was she told "it is not a baby, only a blob of cells"? 

 The sad fact is this young woman believed several lies to find herself on that abortion table.  She believed the lie of Satan that abortion was the solution to the problem in her mind.  She believed the lie that her baby did not have intrinsic value in God's eyes.  She believed the lie that she herself did not have value in God's eyes. She believed the lie that God would not provide for her and her baby.  There were probably many other lies she believed to get her in that abortion facility. 

We do not know how God will use this but He will (Genesis 50:20). Not only is God the Great Physician, He is the Great Economist.  He uses everything, no small detail escapes His notice or use.  Pray for her loved ones, pray for those inside that abortion facility and pray for this to receive wide attention to benefit others. 

Kermit Gosnell was not alone in his exploits.  There are many others out there and just because we have a media that is sympathetic to abortionists does not mean there cannot be any coverage.  This young victim's community needs to know what happened.  Enter in "Do-It-Yourself" Journalism.  "Tweetfest" and "Journalism" are now together like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  We, "the little people", need to blog, Facebook, Tweet and whatever else is at our disposal to sound the alarm.

I am not a tech-savvy person (that is quite obvious if you have been following this blog at all).  Regardless, with whatever sad and pathetic skills I do possess, I will let people know about the life-threatening injuries, the deaths and the situations that result via the abortion industry. 

There are many methods of stopping abortion.  God will call us to those different areas and in different ways according to how He wired us.  James 4:17 "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin."  Are we called to be watchmen on the walls?  Are we to stand in the gap?  In addition to obeying the command to spread the Great Commission,  I am called to spread God's truths and to warn about Satan's lies.  I am only to be obedient and to leave the results to God.

In what ways is God calling you? 

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