Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Firestone, Please Meet Farrington Road

Many pro-abortion advocates accuse pro-lifers of only caring for the baby before the birth.  Here's a couple that puts Christ's love in action towards the baby after the birth.  Adam's physical challenges may look daunting but he is by no means, an unwanted child!  God wanted Adam!  Roger and Jessica wanted Adam! They are truly putting the rubber to the road in loving "the least of these".

"Unwantedness" is a lie from Satan and we know for a fact that Planned Parenthood is all about the LIE.  Their motto has been "every child a wanted child" which there is no such thing.  Many would look at Adam and say, "That child is deformed" and they would be talking about his physical traits mostly because they really don't know his mental capacities.  The worst thing though, is the deformity of unbelief in God's power and provision which causes spiritual blindness, spiritual hardness of heart, and a spiritual deformity of that dulled mind. 

Yes, pray for Adam, his family and the medical personnel who are ministering to this family.  They all need prayer!  It's important to pray for them but God will provide for them in the best way for them.  More importantly, pray for those with the deformity of unbelief.  Pray for that cure of the Holy Spirit to seep into the smallest hairline cracks in the hard hearts.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to hammer the diamond cataracts of the eyes!  Satan's lies causes sclerosis of the soul so we pray for the Holy Spirit to stent those blocked channels.  "I believe! Help my unbelief".  

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