Monday, August 5, 2013

Attention Atlanta, Georgia Community!

While I am not planning to be staying in any Atlanta, Georgia hotels any time soon, I am definitely keeping three of these hotels off my list to patronize.  

Hotels Offer Discounts to Abortionists' clients

And it certainly makes me think about OTHER hotels in other states practicing the same evil deeds.  These "hotels" are lending themselves to be extensions of their local abortion mills.   You are not sleeping in a hotel, you are sleeping in an abortion facility!

A woman visits an abortion mill.  The late-term procedure takes 2-3 days.  Her abortion procedure progresses to the point when she may deliver her baby into the toilet of a hotel room.  She can call the abortion facility and they would come to take the baby out of the toilet and any necessary acts to complete the process of killing the baby.  The hotel will even give a discount for this to take place on their property.   Is the woman crying out?  Will she have any complications?  Let the hotel spring into action to assist with any of her personal needs.  

This abortion mill has Tyrone Malloy, who not surprisingly, has a shady background.  Do the hotels know of his past or his "track record"? 
Dr. Tyrone Malloy's past-due for shutting down

The hotel clerk admits to that medical emergencies have taken place at their  hotel.  Do these paramedics show up at a back door?  Would you want your 3 or 13-year old to witness such a scene?   This is a place to take your family?   Do you really want to associate with a hotel that gives aid to an abortionist?

Conversation with hotel clerk

Pray for Meredith.  I wonder how often she gets questioned in so much detail?  How much does she know about the actual events that take place under that "roof of hospitality"?   Maybe the caller made her think about these issues for the first time.  Pray for Meredith! 

I have never been in the hotel industry, but it comes to mind sometimes that hotel staff members must have some very bizarre accounts they have heard about or have experienced.  Anyone who serves the public in such a manner would probably be sensitive about their name and reputation.   1 Corinthians 15:33 tells us "Do not be deceived: 'Evil company corrupts good habits.'"  Even if the hotel owners are not Christian, do they really want to associate with someone who murders?  Tyrone Malloy's (and probably Carhart's, et.al) reputation is to murder.   Does a hotel really want to be known as ABORTION hotels?   If word got out, would they be quick to disassociate their business from Malloy?

One more question I have to ask is if they have no problem with the littlest future patrons being murdered......would I truly want my family's safety and welfare in their hands?  

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