Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catching Up

Aside from "180", it has been awhile since I posted anything on this blog.  One, I was ill with a nasty cold of some kind which really sapped me of any real energy and concentration.  Two, I was on an out-of-town mini-vacation with my wonderful husband, and three, well, hard to admit....wondering if this blog thing is really for me. 

Oh, I refuse to be silent when I think about almost 4,000 babies being dismembered daily in my country.  It's so important to let people know how it will impact mothers, fathers and extended families too (as well as our country and globe).   I have other venues to share that with a large group of people.  It's just that there are so many good blogs out there that really can make a greater impact for those babies.  My blog is an 1/8 of a drop of water in an ocean!!

But, it was my daughter's suggestion (and she's a practical sort meaning she doesn't just think up things like this willy nilly) and really, I need to give this an effort before I contemplate just giving it up.  There have been instances where I have met people who have had no idea about what is going on in this country.  There was a lady who said she had no real opinion of pro-life one way or the other.   All I did was share a few facts about how many babies were killed a year.   I gave her the statistics of how 41% of all New York City pregnancies ended in abortion and how 60% of all black pregnancies (in New York City) end in abortion.   Other conversations about prenatal development led to more eye-opening and genuine shock.   Yes, this is encouraging when I realize they plan to go out and tell everyone they know because they had a sudden shift in their perception about abortion.

Why is it that so many people do not know about this?   How come so many are unaware about Planned Parenthood, about abortion and what is going on in this industry?  One man commented on an article I posted and said, "I had NO idea this was going on!"   As I asked him there and am contributing here,  How WOULD you know?  Where is this information?   It's not on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and usually it's not even on Fox.  It's not in the newspapers, it's not on Oprah, The View, Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew Pinsky/MTV.   It's not in Ladies' Home Journal, People magazine nor is it in any publication you would find at a grocery store checkout stand.   It's not in public school health classes, or any college course unless a student decides to write about it for an assignment.  It's not in the movies or on any television show.   Even when abortion is addressed, so much ignorance follows or a total distortion of it with a purpose to keep people in the dark.  Recently, a show called "Grey's Anatomy" featured a character who had an abortion and it was viewed as a "loving" thing to do.  THAT we need to eradicate.

So where can it be found?  It's through pro-life people.  It's is because of people who are so ardently pro-life that they will go to abortion mills, courthouses, Congress and they will dig for information that gets hidden in records.  They observe and record ambulances that show up outside of abortion mills.   They are outside of abortionists' businesses trying to form relationships with the abortionists and their staff (or the purpose of changing hearts).  They set up websites that document deaths, injuries along with the actions of incompetent and callous abortionists.   They investigate businesses like Steri-cycle and other support systems to abortionists.  They call and ask questions "WHY are you supporting an abortion business with your landscaping business?"   They find out about pastors and churches (http://www.rcrc.org/) who support abortion and give aid and comfort to the industry.

These warriors have been at it before 1973.  They saw the damage that was about to be inflicted and they spoke out.  These warriors have been ceaselessly working and sharing ever since.  They set up news websites to report the latest in the pro-life world.  They travel all over the nation and the globe, always learning for the sole purpose of being a voice for the ones who are being sent to their execution.  They get into the political arena and spend hours upon hours in the political machine to halt the abortionists' killing sprees.  To their chagrin, much of the time it's just trying to impede at a millimeter-by-millimeter's pace to do so.  They attend marches, walks and rallies, make thousands of phone calls and pretty much live and breathe for those babies who are being sent to their executions.

So because of these passionate pro-lifers, the rest of us can get educated and challenged to SPEAK UP and to GO.  There are many different ways to wake up others and to charge them to take on this battle.  Sadly, I have seen it get divisive and ugly but the thing is we need to remember that this is a spiritual realm.  We need to operate in the Holy Spirit.  We need to LOVE and we need to share the Gospel message.....it's through His love for us that we share the sanctity of life and pray for hearts and minds to be changed.  That's really the greatest enemy to the pro-abortion side.   A true change-of heart destroys abortion.

So, yes, I am still here blogging.   I am not the pioneer warrior that Reverend Patrick Mahoney, Joe Scheidler, Father Pavone, or Jay Sekulow (there are many, don't meant to leave anyone out), et.al.  is.  Call me a foot soldier or a bugler.  My blog includes numerous websites that these warriors have created for all of us.  Share them with others so there will be fewer and fewer people who say, "I had NO idea this was going on".  So there will be fewer and fewer people who say, "I didn't know Planned Parenthood was like that".   Share the Gospel.....hearts and minds WILL change. 

Hosea 4:6---
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

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