Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That "Ah Ha" Moment....

What was it that woke you up to this issue?  At some point, there is one of those "Ah ha moments"....or maybe a small series of them.  For some, it's when they actually hear the word abortion for the first time.  For others, it's an actual description of the abortion procedures.   For many, it's when they saw that first picture of an aborted baby.  Sadly, with some people, it's the abortion experience itself or experiencing a family member's suffering due to abortion. 

For me, I can't exactly remember the day or the actual "Ah-ha" moment.  Yet, other moments are etched permanently in my memory.   There is one article by David Kupelian called "Ending the 30 Year War".   I'll link to it at the end of this.  The article shared an account about some pro-lifers who were outside of an abortion facility.  They walked into it and found it empty.  They found some containers in the hallway.  In the containers were, as you can surmise, aborted babies of different gestations.  I'll not go into the rest of the article but it is something I highly recommend reading.   Here's the warning.  At the end of the article, there is a link to click on to see the baby boy they named David.  The baby is extremely developed.  

I read the article and I clicked on the link, bracing myself for the worst.  That moment might as well have been my first real moment to become pro-life.  Whatever I thought about abortion (which I was already against), became a call to action to battle and God was going to have to tell me how, where and when.  I wanted to show this photo to everyone. 

Father Frank Pavone  (from Priests for Life), has wisely said, "A nation won't reject abortion until it sees abortion."   I agree wholeheartedly.  However, because of the great many individuals who have experienced abortion, I am cautious in showing images.  That is, I will but with a warning first.  There are people who are post-abortive on both sides of this issue....those who can view the images and those who can't.   I respect both sides but on this blog, I will ALWAYS give a warning.  Even those who admit they can't view them agree there is a time and place for these images but they truly want to be forewarned.  They already know what abortion does.  For some, it's salt on an open wound.  It doesn't take away from their passion to fight for the unborn to choose not to view.  Some of my most impassioned pro-life warrior friends who fight with every fiber of their being cannot see those images.

There was another moment very indelibly marked in my life.   When I started reading everything in sight about the abortion issue, there were several articles that just shook me to the core.  For the new pro-lifer who may not know, abortion isn't just one method.  There are many different ways a baby is aborted. 

The shocking fact I read was that some babies actually LIVED through an abortion procedure.  Some babies lived after many kinds of abortion procedures.  To me, that was just a whole new level of comprehension.  I wanted to know more.  How was that possible?  Then what happens?  There's a definite horror factor that just breaks the heart and reels the mind.

One article went into detail about the different babies who survived.  Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden both survived saline solutions.  Gianna was 7 1/2 months gestation and Melissa was at 5 months.  Gianna was born with cerebral palsy (she calls it the "gift of cerebral palsy) and Melissa, miraculously showed no aftereffects of the saline (which is of a high level to burn).   Ximena Roberts was born blind due to the injection given to her in the womb.   She was also deprived of oxygen after she emerged causing mental challenges.

One baby, Ana Rosa Rodriguez, was born with no arm.  The abortionist started the abortion but then demanded more money after realizing Ana Rosa was more advanced in development.   Bigger baby, more money is the rule in the abortion industry.  Ana Rosa's mother left the abortionist and went to a hospital where Ana Rosa was then delivered.

Jill Stanek and Alison Baker were both nurses who gave testimony to the Congress about their experiences at Christ Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  Both discovered that babies were being induced early and then put aside in soiled utility closets.  After this horrific discovery, they determined to hold the babies until they died, in an attempt to give comfort and dignity to the babies.  They were not allowed to give any lifesaving measures to these babies.  So, these babies, many in the 23 week and beyond stage, would die of suffocation.

Baby Shanice died a few years ago.  Her mother sought an abortion at the 23  week gestation.  The abortionist wasn't present but the baby didn't wait.  She emerged and was on the chair.  A worker took the baby and dumped her in a biohazard bag.   She was alive and yet, treated like garbage.  Someone at the facility called the police and tipped them off.  When the police showed up, no evidence remained so they left.  The biohazard bag had been placed up on the roof in the hot, Florida sun.  This is the way the abortion crowd treats babies.

While there were charges initially, none were followed through and everything was basically dropped.  The abortionist did lose his license (but as you will soon find out means nothing or very little), where he promptly moved back to New York (where he was already in trouble).  There's usually no legal repercussion for abortionists.  There are exceptions and I pray we see a turning of the tide in that department.   I didn't even mention abortionists Kermit Gosnell or James Pendergraft whose treatment of surviving babies after the abortions leaves me grasping for the suitable words.  All I can think of is inhuman.  That does not touch the magnitude of horrific actions.

I realize that many of these descriptions can be just as disturbing as seeing a photo of an aborted baby......and I avoided many, many details that would have made it far more grisly.  This is happening to real people.....we look at the photographs from the concentration camps and know that these people suffered horribly.  Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden are adults now.....they want people to know these heinous methods are real and they are aware uncomfortable to view or read.  Yet, we need to know because it not only affected them, it affects everyone.

 Maybe you are at the point now where I was about 10-11 years ago.  Maybe this is the pivotal moment for many of you to say "I need to do more to fight against this heinous practice of child sacrifice".  

Here is the article I mentioned in the beginning.  The article is powerful enough to affect the people who are loving souls.  The photo of Baby David is included by a link.  In reading the article, you will not see the photo of him unless you click on the link itself.  Please read the article though because this very act is happening every day in our land in our neighborhoods.  Our littlest neighbors (up to 4,000 daily) are being killed in our very own cities.  We aren't even considering the ones globally in places where abortions outnumber the live births! 

Proverbs 24:11--Deliver those who are drawn toward death,  And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

Deuteronomy 30:19--I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live

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  1. The blog is wonderful, Kim. A wonderful place for those who are "on the fence" about abortion. God will do great and mighty things through this blog. I'll be passing along the link to it to others I know. Can't wait to see how the Lord uses this blog. It's going to be awesome!
    In His great and mighty love,