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Please forgive me first off for what may be a rambling post.  The brain is still fuzzy from a wonderful mission trip to El Salvador.  It was a very blessed time!!  It was my intention to post before I left but that just wasn't going to happen given my proclivity to run around like a headless chicken up to the minute of leaving the house. 

This link:
 shares that there will be some Planned Parenthood closings in Arizona due to a recent ruling that requires that abortions only be done by doctors (and not nurses or midwives).   I ALWAYS jump for joy when there's news of an abortion facility shutting down or an abortionist quitting the industry.  Of course, Planned Parenthood is NOT happy about the different restrictions (including a parental consent form).   Anything that restricts abortions (money to be made) upsets them despite their claim they want to "reduce the number of abortions".   Not very convincing, is it?

A comment was made by a pro-abortion proponent that maybe ALL the abortionists will quit and women will be subjected to self-induced abortions with coathangers.  The Coathanger Faction is alive and well on every message board (and there is a pattern with these posters...age group, political party affiliation, past activism and they are usually participants in extracurricular incendiary activities involving brassieres).  There are several problems with this argument though.   To start, by Planned Parenthood's own admission, 90% abortions done before 1973 were performed by doctors.  Maybe Dr. Moreau's island used coathangers (Quick, Hollywood trivial pursuiters!!!...any movies with coathanger abortions)????

In Planned Parenthood's world, ANY person should be allowed to do an abortion whether it be your street corner paperboy, UPS deliveryman, janitorial worker, receptionist, or high school student.  To oppose this is to be woman-hater of the highest degree.   So it's not about restricting nurses/midwives from doing abortions.  No one should be prohibited from this money-making business if they really want to do it.

Another problem with the pro-aborts' fear frenzy is that they seem to think that abortionists "doctors" never botch abortions.  There is a belief in their fantasy world that 1973 had thousands and thousands of dead women from abortion because it was "illegal".   By the stroke of a pen on January 22, 1973, abortion automatically became the "safest" procedure ever to exist (in the demented abortion world).  Somehow, the very dangerous abortion procedure  performed on January 21, 1973 (because everyone used a coathanger, doncha' know) suddenly became a procedure that was no worse than "pulling a tooth" (a repeated claim by abortion workers).   Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who co-founded NARAL admits to inflating abortion death numbers.

One more side note on this:   We will  never have an accurate number on deaths from abortion.  Abortion deaths are covered up for a myriad of reasons.  Usually, the death certificate states that death was caused by sepsis, perforation of an organ and/or hemorrhage.  Sometimes there is an allergic reaction, respiratory distress or drug overdose but it won't be attributed to abortion.  However, even before 1973, the numbers of reported known abortion deaths had declined in the 1960's.  I will post these statistics in a later post.

In the fantasy world of pro-aborts (some are in the fantasy world; others are just plain evil and lying), doctors never make mistakes unless they are against abortion.  What opened my eyes early on was a book called Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher.  It is a disturbing collection of reports that documents cases of sexual abuse, maimings, deaths and the callous treatment of babies and their mothers during abortions.  I wish Lime 5 was required reading for every high school student.  Mark Crutcher is the head of Life Dynamics in Texas.  The Life Dynamics website features the Blackmun Wall which is a virtual memorial for all the women who have died from abortion.   At the virtual wall, each woman's name is highlighted and clicked on to reveal the details of her death.  It is chilling just like the book Lime 5.

There is a website called Real Choice.   It's also a very informative website in detailing accounts of women's deaths by abortion but it also goes into great detail about the "doctors" who performed them.  The website shares whether the doctor received any legal recourse (most don't) and/or whether they were licensed at the time of the botched abortions.  http://realchoice.blogspot.com/

There are two other websites that follow modern-day "doctors" who kill babies and moms.  Jill Stanek, as I have mentioned in a previous post, does a superb job of gleaning all the accounts of botched abortions and the abortionists who perform them.  So does Operation Rescue.   Both websites have search engines to look up abortionists' names and locations of their facilities.  They are also good at sharing the present licensing (or lack thereof) status of these abortionist "doctors".   When you read all these books/websites/cases of botched abortions, you will see why I put quotes around the term "doctors".  Doctors heal....abortionists murder.   One thing you will notice in the Real Choice reports is that many of the posts start out "________died of a safe and legal abortion........"  

Licensing seems to be of little consequence.  A little kid can't sell lemonade on the sidewalk anymore due to all the red tape of permits and regulations (and who knows...maybe that little girl is stepping on some union toes too), but an abortionist can perform an abortion without any real legal paperwork or licensing.  He can even botch one with no real backlash. Steven Chase Brigham is one particular abortionist who at this very time, even under investigation, is still committing abortions even though he has been forbidden to do so.   He has given up 5 licenses to date in many different states.   So the modus operandi for many abortionists is to set up shop (or many shops) botch abortions and/or kill, get bad publicity of some sort and then move and set up a new shop in a new state.   License?  Oh, what folly! 

There's a new venture on the horizon though.  There is a plan to let women know about specific abortionists and their records.  Sort of like a "Rate My Professor" feature at many universities and colleges.  I can see some advantages and disadvantages (the Coathanger crew will post "I heart my abortionist" or "My abortion was the bestest ever!!!").   No doubt it could be abused if it's not handled correctly.   For now, if you want to know about a specific abortionist, check out the above-mentioned websites and the book Lime 5 (which can be purchased at http://www.lifedynamics.org/

It's time to close but I want to end on a bright note.  Operation Rescue has kept records of some very encouraging numbers.  Many abortion facilities are closing.  In 1991, there were 2,200 abortion mills.  As of May 15, 2011 there were 678.   It's no wonder the abortion crowd wants crisis pregnancy centers to be shut down so desperately!  The link at the end of this post is a list of all the abortion facilities in the United States.  The states are listed alphabetically as well as their cities.  You will also see that they often list the abortionists.  Many of the abortionists lead to a link of their past offenses.  The fact that many of  these criminals are still in business reveals volumes about the authorities' lack of concern for women and infants. 
ain, the tide is changing.  WHY?  It is because of people like you and I who have realized how damaging and immoral abortion actually is and want to make waves about it.  Waves of prayer, waves of support, waves of time investment, waves of financial support, waves of caring and waves of love for our neighbor.  Time to rock the boat!!!    Check back often for these numbers because they are still going down.  Today, news came to us pro-lifers that an abortion mill was closed down in Pensacola....677 now.   Yet, it could be down to 674 given the AZ ruling. 

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them

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