Saturday, October 11, 2014


The staff at Plaza Hotel are not having a good week.  The hotel that gives discounts to women who are aborting their babies and shuttling them to the abortion mill, is not happy that they are getting a bit of publicity.  As one person pointed out, "they are getting free publicity....and they are whining about it!" Why is that?  As it was pointed out, the hotel owner agreed to this arrangement to do business with abortionists so why are they not proud to publicize their business relationship?  The staff in place apparently do not seem to have a problem with this relationship with the abortion mill either.  Why are they not using this as one of their amenities for Yelp and TripAdvisor?  I am really not being facetious.  Seriously, if they believe they are providing a service that is so wonderful and helpful, why are they not highlighting this business connection?    

For those of you who are not aware of this story, here is the original post with links for background.
Plaza Inn Hotel....abortion hotel

The group of concerned citizens gathered in front of the hotel to warn guests that the hotel had a connection with the local abortionists.   I know that I would be personally grateful to know this information.   I would not want to subject my family (especially young children or teens) to the possible encounter of a woman going through the abortion process in the next room.  You could probably think of some possible scenarios of complications that could arise with this situation.  If you have children who you wanted to protect from seeing or hearing things you do not want to have to explain, you may be with me on this.

The staff at Plaza Inn asked the group to just not "protest THIS week" but next week was fine.  The hot air balloon festival was taking place so they were expecting a lot of people. Again, I think the more people who know about their connection with abortionists, the better.  The staff called the police but were very surprised to learn that the group was within their rights to gather there on public property.  The last report I read was a name change for the Plaza Inn.  Yes, indeed, the staff came out to the group and told them that they were changing the name of Plaza Inn.  Hmmm.  That is a huge cost when you think of things like letterhead, stationery, licenses, advertising, etc.  Seriously?  They still have the address of 900 Medical Arts Ave, NE.   Name change or not, people need to know that their idea of hospitality involves the complicity in killing babies (and possibly mothers) whether they shuttle the woman to the abortion facility or whether the process is finalized in one of their hotel rooms.  There is nothing neutral about any of that.  I reiterate....what part of hospitality in the hotel industry allows the unborn guests to be slaughtered? 

I have a great idea.  Plaza Inn does not have to change their name at all and they could rid themselves of the groups in an instant permanently.  Here is my idea.  Completely dissolve the relationship with the abortion facility.  Do not give discounts and do not shuttle anyone to the abortion facility.  Do not have ANY connection with any of the abortionists in town.  That is so breathtakingly simple.

If they ever do repent of this evil, then I do suggest a name change.  Do an overhaul of the place and call it The Good Samaritan Inn.  

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