Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In A Blink!

She is not so little anymore.  Happy Birthday to my "Baby Girl"!  She is 26 today. 

I look back at this picture and have fond memories of when my children were little.  It really went by in a blink.  People warned me that my children would be grown before I knew it.  Some of you readers know that in the day-to-day of diapers, feeding, little squabbles and cleaning up messes, it is difficult to see anything beyond the day or week.  When they are newborns and toddlers, high school graduations, weddings and grandchildren are light years away! 

My son's toddlerhood went by super quick though, as I was always anxious to see the very next milestone.  Baby sister arrived very soon after and I looked into her little newborn eyes and told her, "Do not grow up fast! Stay a baby as long as you can!" What did she do?  She did almost everything faster than her brother!

I do not have a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law or grandchildren at this point in time but look forward to those blessings in God's ways and timing.  Right now, I am just going to enjoy my daughter's age of 26 and my son's age of 27.  In a blink, they will be experiencing their own families' graduations and weddings and I'll be a grandma or great-grandma (God willing!). 

Happy Birthday!!

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