Saturday, May 17, 2014


I will admit it.  I have been staring at this screen for about 15 minutes.  I type a few sentences and then read and delete.  It just happened about 3 times before I typed THIS sentence.  The thing is I have been wanting to report on all this for a few days now but I put it off because it was Mother's Day.  It was a also a great weekend with the Open House.  I DO love to share joyous things and there is a time and place for everything.  "I can't blog on disturbing issues today....it's National Sea Monkey Day!"  Yes, it really is.  No, actually, since it turned midnight 11 minutes ago, it is now Armed Forces Day and also National Pack Rat Day. 

 The problem I am having is that it is not just one story.  As one of our dear members of our church youth group likes to say, "It is about connections" (he would interlace fingers at this juncture for emphasis and oh by the way, have I ever mentioned our church youth group is PHENOMENAL?  Boasting in the Lord here).  I have about 4 or 5 different stories that all boil down to one theme.  So why ever did I start this at 11:40?   It is Friday night and I do not have to be anywhere in the morning.  I stayed up late last night and I do not want to start this pattern of late nights.  

Also, I need to organize and the stuff is just swirling around my mind.  Stuff swirling around in my mind  does not make a pretty picture.  This is not an essay for Composition class but I do like to have some semblance of order.  Too late for that!  How does one eat an elephant?  One bite at a time! 

This is one of the stories I almost posted as a lone link and it got my blood boiling!  I will post it now and follow up tomorrow.  

Planned Parenthood Covers Up Rape...Again!

The prayer request is pretty evident with this article.  SO GLAD our Father in Heaven hears and cares! 

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