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Lombard Street Is Straight

Abortion Emergency at Falls Church Healthcare September 10, 2013

There have been several emergencies lately but I have not written about them here of late.  It is always frustrating to me to read about them.  These places get free passes and zero accountability (which would obviously lead to a permanent shutdown if the laws were actually enforced) and if it were not for the pro-lifers who actually record these ambulance calls, everyone would continue to believe that abortions are safe.  I would even venture to say that many people who claim to be "pro-life" have no idea of what goes on in abortion facilities.  It was many years of holding a pro-life view before I was aware of the horrible things that take place in abortion facilities every day.  

I once received an email from a woman who objected to my critical posts about Planned Parenthood.  She did not like what I posted and felt the need to write in defense of the group.  Reading it broke my heart on many levels.  Her letter is in red.

"I'm concerned about women who have abortions for their own selfish reasons. However, I am equally concerned for women having abortions in "back alley" situations or on their own.

This woman comes from a different generation.   She was pummeled with systematic lies that only abortions performed in "back alleys" were unsafe.  They were fed lies that none of these abortionists were doctors.  She was told over and over back in her day that thousands of women had already died and were dying from back alley abortions.  She was told with a constant drumbeat that legalizing abortion was the only solution to make it all safe.  It was a very strategic agenda they played on women like this author.  The fact is over 90% of abortionists back then were doctors who were doing these abortions in their offices after hours.  The numbers were inflated about women who had died in back alleys by those who were forcing an agenda. 

The news anchors and stations of today will not cover the botched abortions and women's deaths from abortion.  They certainly are not going to make abortion look bad when they overwhelmingly endorse it.  So this woman is very unaware of the actual dangers of abortion.  There is no such thing as a safe abortion.  It is a blind procedure.  Even abortionists who have been in business for over 20 years, still mess up abortions.  Women are still being maimed and killed in 2013 as much as they were in 1972 (the year before Roe and Doe) or 1966 (in 1966, abortion was illegal in all 50 states).  Abortionists who were caught back then were held accountable.  Today, abortionists who kill women pretty much get off scot-free. Every once in awhile the abortion crowd reluctantly throws a skinny bone to the pro-life pups (like Gosnell).  Happy?  Okay, now let Karpen, Sella, Chase, Carhart, and Pendergraft continue in their abortion lairs. 

After I graduated from college, my roommate, who at 21 years old was a virgin, was in love with a young man she was dating, had intercourse, and got pregnant. She and her boyfriend did not want the baby and he performed at at home abortion on her with a coat hanger.

I had serious misgivings about this whole anecdote then and still do.  In all my 16 years of researching abortion, this is very reminiscent of those stories that pro-aborts must tell, in a very condescending manner, to all the young women who are hearing about the battle-weary pro-aborts for the first time.  It is very simplistic and it is very fishy. "These young women just have NO idea what we went through to make sure she was able to CHOOSE.  They have to share the STRUGGLE.  They ALWAYS choose a "coathanger" for the anecdotal tool. Always!  It is their mascot.  I would be a millionaire if I had a nickel for every story I have heard or read that used coathangers. There are a lot of key facts left out as usual which makes this all very convenient. 

I did not learn about this until the next morning when she woke up hemorrehaging [sic], and I rushed her to the hospitalFortunately she recovered from this to have what I assume has been a full life. She was a Christian at the time, and probably still is today.
 Again, this is all so fishy.  There are many assumptions. She obviously lost track of the girl so she cannot really make any real substantive calls here.   Many pro-aborts want to put a religious gloss on the abortion issue.  Planned Parenthood installed a Methodist minister as their national chaplain many years ago.  They wanted everyone to think that a woman could have an abortion and it was okay to be a Christian and have abortions.  They wanted to remove the stigma of a Christian having an abortion.  "Of COURSE Christians have abortions and it does not change anything about her devotion to Christ". 

 In fact, I have even heard some say that God blesses abortion.  In the state capitol of Iowa, a group of pro-abortion supporters prayed to God thanking Him for abortion doctors who provide quality abortion care (video below).  Would this fly if it were pedophilia or rape?  Oh yes, I recognize that those are still crimes (but murder in the womb used to be against the law too). 

It is very sad to see how Christians and our Christian churches have embraced sins instead of calling them what they are.  I can make my own assumptions like the author.  This poor college girl probably never had a real relationship with Christ.  This girl came from a weak church that never really taught the Gospel or taught the authority of Scripture.  This girl was far away from home and was easily influenced by her atheist professors and classmates.  She had never made plans to stay a virgin until her wedding night so she fell into compromise easily.  She really did not trust that God was all-powerful or that His provisions were real and overflowing to her.  She may not have really loved Jesus at all but was just a girl who was Christian in name only.  We will never really know about this girl.  These are all assumptions and I would even say this story is mostly bogus.  There may be a thin line of truth somewhere.  It is really hard to say.

Thank God (YES, I thank God too) every day that I was never faced with the kind of a decision nor were either of my daughters.  However, I am grateful that if anyone makes the choice to not keep a child, KEEP a child?  Let us be clear here.  The choice here is KEEP and parent or KEEP (or carry) and adopt. 

 and, yes, I think it is a sin to take an unborn baby's life,   It IS sin because it is a murder of a human being created in God's image. I will give credit for not repeating the propaganda they pushed that it was "only a clump of cells" or a "blob of tissue".  There is much confusion here which truly causes a heavy heart. "Thou shalt not murder" is not a mere suggestion.  We are not talking about killing in self-defense here or manslaughter but the murder of an defenseless human being in the womb.  He or she cannot run, cannot scream or hide.  It is acceptable in her view to murder a person if he or she is deemed "unwanted".   Who is our neighbor.  Who are "the least of these"?  Who was that man left for dead and cared for by the Good Samaritan? 
they have the opportunity to go to a safe place  Again, there is NO such thing as a safe place.  Women have even died in hospitals while having their abortions.  Plus, the baby, being the target of the murder, is never safe. Sometimes the woman dies and even there are cases where the infants survive an abortion.  If they miraculously survive, they may suffer blindness, missing limbs, cerebral palsy or lack of oxygen to their brains.  She is 100% ignorant of this issue but the sad thing is she embraces the ignorance because she does not want to believe otherwise.  

 and doctor to have the abortion done. She doesn't know that a lot of these so-called doctors are pretty dangerous types.  Read about some of these abortion doctors.  It is not uncommon for an abortion doctor to have a criminal history, to abuse drugs and alcohol, to have perversions or even to molest and rape their patients during abortions.  It is not uncommon for them to hate women and to slap them and scream at them.  She has never read Lime 5 (by the way, Mark Crutcher, it is time to write the sequel, Lime 5 Part 2.  There is enough material to continue).
I know there are a lot of sins out there that many of us make at one time or another in our lives. However, I do not believe in restricting alcohol, smoking, even drugs to people who choose to abuse any of these substances. The way money is used can also be a sin as well as how we may end up treating ourselves or others.

I care a lot about you and what you are doing to help the baby's [sic] coming into this world that may or may not have been wanted.

There is a lot of switching back and forth which is very common with this abortion mentality.  First she says that she has "concern" for women which is a claim that has never convinced me for a second.  2) Then she admits that the taking of a baby's life is a sin.   3) THEN she says she thinks a woman should be safe (but there is no concern for the baby....i.e. the future woman in the woman...being safe during an abortion).  4) Then she switches tracks and says that she cares about  helping those babies who come into this world (and may or may not be wanted).  

 I am deviating a bit here but I have to address this pro-abort lie of "wantedness".  We Christians know that 100 babies out of 100 babies are wanted.  It is true!  God wants them.  God opens the womb and He closes the womb.  He has the authority to give life and He also has the authority to take life.  Even that little baby who was conceived and died in utero from miscarriage was wanted.  God just took that baby home earlier for reasons only He has the right to know.  However, God can be glorified in those situations.  He is not surprised by any conception that takes place here on Earth.  The sorry state of our human selfish hearts is what defines "wantedness".  Convenience, gender selection, greed, perfection in the baby's looks or health or even the fear of an ever-widening waistband (vanity) drives "wantedness".  One of my favorite quotes on this is "There is no such thing as an unwanted child, only an unfound family".  

I was so happy that Planned Parenthood was there for my daughter when she was in high school. I knew that she was going to be sexually active at an early age, and I wanted her to respect herself

and not get pregnant as she wasn't ready.  Of course, she was not ready for pregnancy.  She was not ready for sex either!  The appropriate guidance as a mother is to teach her children about God's view on those things-abstinence and purity.   We do not tell our children "well, let me make sure you get instructed on safe drug use in a way that will have you respect your body.   After all, you are going to do drugs anyway, I might as well make sure you have needles and someone to teach you how to do this."  NO.  We teach that there is a standard that comes from God.  We teach that there are consequences.  It is true they may not listen or not apply.  Children rebel and we correct our children when they rebel. 

At my request she went to Planned Parenthood, worked with a peer counselor in a small group of young women at the same place (DECEIVED) in their lives. My daughter learned to respect herself (this is really heartwrenching because this is a warped view of self-respect) and her partner at the time. She has become a productive and happy adult (but what about in GOD'S EYES?)

I think God worked through me, my daugther [sic] and Planned Parenthood during the time in our lives.   That was not God who was working.  Satan, yes,....but definitely not God.  God would NOT have a mother set up her daughters for a life of fornication, the risk of unplanned pregnancies and damaging sexually transmitted diseases.  He would not endorse sexual immorality. 

Blessings to you and you contnuing [sic] work    (UM.....Thanks? I think?)

I know that it sounds like I am being harsh but nothing is further from the truth there.  I had grown up with a lot of the same lies that this woman did.  I recognized much of the regurgitated pablum that she wrote.  I had at one time believed much of the same she had written and I was a regular church attender at the time I believed all that secular stuff.  I walked in the world a very long time.  It was a very cultural existence.  My heart was in Hollywood, the entertainment world, New Age beliefs and whatever the secularists wanted to push at me. And most of the time, I thought it was all very fun for awhile.  

It was a very long journey.  Looking back, I saw God's hand on me and His protection.  He knew that deep down I wanted more and that I was truly seeking Him at times.  When I finally made a choice for Him and to believe Him in all things,  He opened my eyes and revealed even more truth to me.  I am not saying I have all understanding.  I am far from understanding everything but I believe Him when He says His word is perfect and will never fall away.  He says His word can never be corrupted.  He is omnipotent....of course His word is perfect and everlasting.  

I think this is the problem with churches and Christians today.  They go to church and sit down and sing pretty hymns.  It is a social thing.  It is a habit.  It is expected of them.  It is a thing to do.  In reality though, they do not believe that God is all-powerful.  They do not know who He is.  They do not believe in His omniscience.  They do not believe He truly owns everything.  They do not believe He TRULY loves them.  They do not believe He will provide or about His perfect timing.  We are really dumb sheep.  We fear, we stress, we become anxious and we panic.  We fill it with movies, television, desserts, a trip, sex, drugs, a new outfit or advice from some tv dude like Dr. Phil.  UGH.  It may work for a while but it never satisfies forever.  We want to look perfect and make sure everyone thinks we have our act together.  It is all about looking good, feeling good and elevating ourselves above God.   Hosea 4:6 and Luke 14:11

I often quote the verse  "I believe.  Help my unbelief".   I recognize and love that I now belong to Him. It is my desire to love Him and obey Him for the rest of my life.  I also recognize that I am still very much housed in a rickety tent that is called carnal flesh.  My desires are to follow Him and know Him but my everyday existence in this body reminds me that I still sin every day and do things I do not want to do.  I still fear, still stress and still deal with my unbelief in who my Lord and Savior really is.  Help my unbelief, Lord.  So I pray for the mom who has been lied to by Satan.  I pray for the woman who does not believe in a Lord who will guide her through her daughters' (or even sons') teen years.  I pray for the parent who directs their children to believe the worldly knowledge instead of His perfect and powerful word.  I pray for them to come to that realization of what God has done for them and Who He really is. 

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