Friday, June 14, 2013

UPDATE: Abortionist James Pendergraft

Prayer request!  Pray for the eventual shutdown of all FIVE abortion mills of James Pendergraft's!   Yesterday, there was a seizure of Pendergraft's assets at his flagship mill in Orlando.  John Barros, 24/7 sidewalk counselor (I call him 24/7 because that would be his mentality whether he is in front of an abortion mill or not!) :D  was present to witness the seizure of the contents of the mill.  The sheriff even allowed John to help him affix crime tape to the scene. That is awesome!  

Pendergraft was there and watched the process, calling it "illegal".  He had not paid the $36+ million judgment to the woman who had a botched abortion in 2004.  The woman's baby survived but had many health issues that would take lifelong care which she could not afford.  This could have been solved with adoption in the first place but this abortion took place and God used it for His purpose.   Pendergraft, not surprisingly, as an abortionist, does not care about laws or anything but the "Almighty dollar" and his greed has caught up with him.  The state of Florida keeps him in business (but so does the church, amen?) given that he has had 5 licenses stripped and his criminal activity never receives nothing but a light tap on the wrist. 

Pro-lifers found out that Pendergraft's people were telling clients that the mill was shut down for maintenance.  Several moms showed up for appointments and the pro-life group was able to intercept them.  They ministered to them, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and directed them to pregnancy resource centers nearby.   One woman showed up who was NINE months pregnant.  They were able to talk to her and help her with real solutions.  She decided to go to the crisis pregnancy center instead of killing her baby.   I was once told that late-term abortions were very rare (by a pro-abort).  John Barros can tell you that from his own experience at these mills that it's anything but rare!  He has seen many women walking around the parking lot there with very big pregnant bellies.  They are made to walk around to hasten the abortion process. 

By the way, what IS rare?  One late-term abortion every 50 years?  Ten years?   Any abortion is one abortion too many no matter the gestation.  So if you have 30+ of these every day.....I really do not call that rare. One Jew or one black slave exterminated murdered still makes it wrong. 

Recently, pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi was asked about the Fetal Pain legislation.  The clip is above. 

From a Lifesite News article: Pelosi says late-term abortion "sacred ground"
  "The reporter continued to push Pelosi, asking her what the difference was between a 26 week abortion, and killing the baby after birth.
Pelosi responded that "this is not the issue" and suggested that the proposed bill would say that "there's no abortion in our country."
When the reporter tried once again to get Pelosi to answer the question, she shot back, "I'm not going to have this conversation with you, because you obviously have an agenda. You're not interested in having an answer."
That was when she also made the remark about the issue being "sacred ground."
The Weekly Standard reporter complained: "It was a simple question. You didn't answer."

She has no answer because like the pro-abort people who I know as my loved ones as well.....they know deep down that there is no defending killing babies.   They canot do it so they avoid the issue altogether.  There is no difference between the baby at 26 weeks and the baby at 2 weeks' gestation.  Rather than face the issue, it's better to call the pro-lifer a lot of names and write her off as "judgmental" and a "right-wing religious nut" and have little contact  with her as possible.  By the way, I wear the badge with honor!! If I am judged by judgmental people to be judgmental because I have convictions that all humans were created by God in His image and therefore have the God-given freedom to possess life, so be it.  I do not identify with the slave proponents who said that the person who had darker skin was "property".  I do not relate to the Nazi who saw the Jew as a "useless eater" or a "weed". 

I once had a hardened heart, a stiff-neck, scaled eyes, and a very yellow spine.  Jesus dealt with me!  While I AM a work-in-progress, He has cleansed me of my sins!  We can only pray for the Holy Spirit to grab hold of those who are like Pendergraft and Pelosi (and those who say it's okay to kill a baby OUTSIDE of the womb as well). 

Numbers of surgical and pill mills and abortionists 

I am not giving up hope as long as there is breath in their bodies! 

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