Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedded Bliss--27 Years Today

It has been a very busy and full day today.  It continues to be busy but I wanted to just put a short note here to proclaim that my husband and I have had a very  blessed 27 years of marriage.  Today we were wed in front of God and everybody.  Back then, God was not forefront in our lives but He knew what He was doing!!!!  We were not walking with Him but we had the basic principles down and marriage meant a lot to both of us.  Our intention and belief going into it was that it was forever, until death do us part.   I know many couples who do have that intention and belief also and sometimes the marriages are severed regardless. 

Given that we knew each other for a very short time, were not walking with God and I was very young, one might say statistically our marriage shouldn't have survived.  Yet, by the grace of God it has and we are blessed that it keeps getting better. 

We have had our difficult times but even in those days of confusion and miscommunication, God was very present and working in our lives.  I am thankful though that even in those years that we were not clicking on all cylinders, we still genuinely liked each other!  We have always been able to make each other laugh and I am blessed to have a man who is a gentleman and has a kind heart.  He is a great father as well. 

Whatever God has in store for us, we are grateful for all that He has given us thus far.  We look forward to many more years (God willing) as a team but we are indeed one flesh.  Tonight we are going to spend our anniversary at church.   It's movie night there and we are going to see "October Baby".   I don't want a cruise, or jewelry or even a fancy dinner out.  Seriously, at 27 years, I just love spending time with my husband and the company of our Christian family is a great addition to the celebration.  We really don't want it any other way. 

It was a great day the day we got married and our marriage was just a little sapling.  Now it's even greater and the sapling has grown into a mature oak.  The root system is deep.  It took a while to get to this point but it is a joy to behold.  Thank You, God for growing us!!!  :D  You are the greatest matchmaker ever!

Genesis 2:24 
Ephesians 5:22-33

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