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Armed, Readied and Resourced for....The Abortions That Are Forced!

Not a week goes by that a chilling post (or two) is placed on my Facebook newsfeed. "Please pray for a 14 (or 15, 16, etc.) girl who is being forced to abort her baby." There might be an additional fact about who is coercing the abortion such as the mother or father of the girl. Sometimes an older victim is being coerced by a boyfriend or husband.

Choice? Where IS the choice here? First of all, the choice isn't given to the baby who cannot talk, cannot scream, cannot run away from an abortionists' curette.

Now we see that a pregnant woman is given no choice. There are no members of N.O.W. (for my youth readers, that stands for National Organization of Women), nor no prominent feminists speaking out for these girls/women who are being dragged by their arms or hair into the abortion mills. Sidewalk counselors see (and will post videos) of such actions like these taking place.

It is my experience in talking with girls and women who have had abortions that many of them were pressured to abort. Either they were emotionally manipulated by the boyfriend ("if you don't have this abortion I'll leave you" and the result after the abortion was they left anyway) OR it's a removal of all support by the parents ("if you don't have this abortion, you have to leave our house").

There are news stories of women who have refused to have an abortion and become victims of violence often resulting in death. One set of parents actually duct-taped the mouth of their daughter, tied her up and put her in the trunk of their car to take her over state line for an abortion. They were caught and convicted.

Just recently I read a story of a male (believe me, he is no "man") who pressured his girlfriend to have an abortion. She refused and on the day of her delivery (she was to be induced that day) he came to her house and stabbed her and the unborn son multiple times, killing them both.

Some states do hold the murderer accountable to the baby's death where fetal homicide laws exist. Even in some of those states that do have those laws, they don't always carry through with the charge. One woman told me that her state has a fetal homicide law but rarely did they see the babies' deaths counted in the murder charges.

Still, it's ILLEGAL to coerce an abortion. Many are unaware of this little fact. We heard how the landmark decisions that pushed forth abortions made way to not "coerce" a woman to be pregnant but very few realize you cannot coerce an abortion either.

Yet, forced abortions happen every day nd of course, because of the sordidness of the practice, this flies under the radar all the time. If there are any caring individuals who happen to learn about the abortion, there might be a possible way for hearts and minds to be changed through intervention but the majority of the time,the abortion is done and the girl is changed--detrimentally.

From the Unchoice website www.theunchoice.org shows
that many girls/women are coerced into abortions they didn't want.

64% of American women felt pressured by others

More than half felt rushed or uncertain, yet received no counseling

79% were not told about available alternatives

84% said they were not fully informed

65% suffer symptoms of trauma1

Coercion can escalate to violence, putting women & children at risk

Coerced abortion is an internationally recognized and illegal human rights abuse

Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women

After abortion, maternal death rates are 4 times higher

Post-abortion suicide rates are 6 times higher within the first year

Please visit this website for more information on this subject.

Now what can you do?

First of all, pray! Sometimes, you may only hear about a situation and you can't be in touch with those who are being coerced or doing the coercing directly. Pray for intervention for the situation to change through softened hearts or for the right people to be placed in their paths. Pray for those lawyers and pro-life counselors....pray for God's will for all involved. Prayers are answered! Pray for wisdom if you are directly involved. Prayer is a first and foremost...never a last resort practice.

Second, educate yourself about abortion and about coercion. You may find yourself in a situation with a friend, a neighbor, a family member or even a total stranger in this (often) volatile predicament where you can share literature on abortion risks or prenatal development. Heritage House 76 is a website that offers pro-life resources--everything from literature on all pro-life subjects and to models of unborn babies to show. They have little pins representing the real size of babies' feet at the 10 weeks gestational age. You should see the looks of shock and amazement I receive when I show my pin. It really does open up the eyes/brains and hearts when they realize that there are little tiny toes formed so early.
Here is the link for Heritage House 76. www.hh76.com

Third, have letters printed up from The Texas Justice Foundation and keep them on file. This organization is connected with Alliance Defense Foundation. They connect lawyers in the local areas with those who are in coercive situations. There are letters to the girl, the parents and also the abortionist. Sometimes the abortionist realizes that performing that abortion on a girl against her will could be big trouble. If the letter is intercepted by the abortionist, oftentimes they will refuse to do the abortion. Of course, we do know there are many abortionists who get away with forced abortions and are protected by the authorities. Several documented cases involving Planned Parenthood revealed that they covered up forced abortions on young girls. Planned Parenthood is mandated by law to contact the authorities, yet we see time and time again they do not. Yes, these Planned Parenthoods are STILL in operation, so you see that this is a huge problem with very little accountability.

Here is the link for The Center Against Forced Abortion: http://thejusticefoundation.org/cafa/

In all my reading of abortionists, they don't seem to be charged with lawsuits very often and it's rare they would ever actually see a prison cell. If they do...it's only for a few months. Often they will continue their businesses without a license or any regulation. That's a post for another day (it could fill posts every day for the entire year honestly).

The letters can be downloaded and printed and kept on file. I encourage you to talk to your pastor (especially youth pastor) in having a set of these letters on file. If it is one thing I have learned after seven years of talking to pregnant moms seeking abortion, they call themselves Christians a LOT. SIDENOTE: In speaking to a sidewalk counselor one time, he shared that he would see Christian bumper stickers and fish symbols on cars of the people dropping off girls for abortions. And he also shared that a local minister prided himself on counseling abortion for members of his church. Yes, sick, evil and twisted.

Familiarize yourself with the local crisis pregnancy centers (or sometimes they are called pregnancy resource centers). If you have an opportunity, you can possibly get the pregnant mom to get a free ultrasound and other forms of help. Often the girl or the members of her family are unaware of the development of the baby or of the risks and procedures. Often the pregnant girl is unable to stand firm against the onslaught of pressure because she doesn't know her options. The family or boyfriend does not know of the programs available for pregnancy and babies. Again, knowing what your local crisis pregnancy center (cpc) offers will help YOU help someone else.

Finally, realize that sometimes you try to do everything and the situation ends with the abortion. It's heartbreaking because you know that not only has a life been taken in such a violent way but also that the lives of the family will never be the same. That girl will now need a different form of support and there are post-abortion resources available as well.

Keep praying for that girl and her family and know that God will use this for His purpose. We don't know His ways or timing but we know it's perfect and He is just and good.

Yes, it HAS been awhile since I last posted and I wanted to actually post something of a different subject but the multiple posts I saw recently of forced abortions led me to address this today. Just recently, many stories have come to light (not all dealing with abortion) about families in great desperation and handling the problems rashly. It's panic that causes people to think irrationally. It often is ratcheted many notches with selfishness and lies from the Enemy.

LOVE! While it's hard sometimes to stay calm if you find yourself working to prevent a forced abortion, (the adrenaline DOES pump), it's so important to love all those involved. They may have hard hearts and many are acting out in great fear. It's in His strength and wisdom that we can love and help those who are being difficult.

Please share this with others too. Many people have no idea this is actually going on at all. I can attest that even though that in the early years I was pro-life, I had no idea that forced abortions (and forced sterilizations too)had taken place and were taking place in my own city, state and country. Share these letters with others. Share the websites.

Today, on www.jillstanek.com a story was reported (and video added of it) about how Christian Bale traveled 9 hours from Beijing to a tiny village to visit Chen Guangcheng. Who is that, you ask? Chen is an outspoken opponent of abortion--especially forced abortion and foreced sterilizations done by his government. He has been imprisoned, beaten and tortured for his stance. Chen is now back in his village and miraculously alive still but his whole village is on lockdown. Christian Bale only wanted to meet him and shake his hand for his actions but he was denied all access and not at all treated as a film star (I guess these officials
didn't like Empire of the Sun?).

It's rare that a Hollywood celebrity actually cares for the unborn so it surprised me greatly that Christian even knew who Chen Guangcheng was or that he would take such action. As he said, "I can't look the other way".

It would be wonderful if someone who has access to
Bale to share that forced abortions take place here and that many in the present administration hold similar views for one-child policy, forced sterilizations and a lot of population control bilgewater. Bale needs to be told about the documentaries "Maafa 21" and "Blood Money" and "The Truth Behind Abortion" and "22 Weeks". I applaud Bale's concern for Chen's work and welfare but now it's time to be aware of what is going on in his own country additionally. We would all do well to share and act on Bale's realization,
"I can't look the other way".

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